Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tote bag. Zakka style

 Did you ever notice when you're in the middle of a gazillion projects, yarn and fabric snippets clinging to your pants and socks, that you suddenly get the urge to Make Something Else? What's up with that?

I was flipping through my copy of Zakka Style a few days ago, and this tote bag just reached out from the pages and lit a fire under me. Here I go again.
I used about 1 yard of linen and some scraps from my stash.  The front has just enough echo quilting to keep me from being bored.  There is both interfacing in the lining and batting behind the linen, so it's a sturdy little bag.  Here is a peek at the inside lining and pocket.  It closes up neatly with a magnetic snap.

It was pretty fun to make, and the only fussy bit was making the zig zag patchwork.  I lost a few of my points trying to put this part together, and I eventually got tired of messing with it.  This was more to do with me trying to be accurate, and not the pattern.  Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and I really do like the book.  There is a quilt and a sewing kit I would like to make next.

Zakka.  I'll be backka. 


  1. Oh, I'm soooo with you on the whole 'being-sidetracked-by-something-else' - thing! But that bag is sooooo lovely. The zigzags are fab.
    And I love your little stool, too.
    All pretty. I likey.

  2. Love that bag! I'm not a quilter, but my knitting and crocheting habits are far too often interrupted by that craving to start something new, too!

  3. Very cute! I think that's the first project in the Zakka Style Sew-Along starting next week! I've got my book but obviously need to do some interfacing and snap shopping!

  4. So beautiful... A very hard work. But finally an excellent bag. So good..

  5. I really really wish I could quilt. That is such a beautiful bag and I LOVE the fabric you have used. I know what you mean though, I sometimes get over half way through making something and then drop it like a hot potato for another project! Have a lovely weekend. xx

  6. How nice is that! I also have the problem with lost points sometimes, but I couldn´t find any on your bag, it looks great!

  7. Love the bag and the fabric. That pretty distressed ladder is quite lovely too... Happy Friday!

  8. Hi Lynne glad you've discovered the charms of the hexagon.
    I love this bag, it's so modern!
    ps. love the stool too :)

  9. Thats a great looking bag, love the colours.

  10. The bag looks wonderful, so well made! And I know just what you mean about wanting to start a new project when you really shouldn't..! (and being covered in bits of thread too!)
    Helen x


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