Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Break

Taking a brief blogging break.  I will be working on this.....

and getting the garden ready for planting.  Have a wonderful Easter holiday!

Lynne xx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A ride on the crazy train

Things have been crazy around here!  My husband is traveling quite a bit, so I am holding down the fort.  So far this week, we have had to repair two cars, the washing machine, dryer, and water softener system. Also tried to watch the Blue Ray version of the Hobbit last night, but the DVD player is not working.  Damn.  If anything else breaks down I'm just going to shoot it dead.
 My son has started the baseball season for his high school team, so there are lots of practices, games and washing of uniforms (you know, in the broken washing machine).  He is also senior class treasurer, and in Leadership, and because they are heading towards graduation, there are a million events, meetings, and frequent demonstrations of my mad skillz with a checkbook.  I am really looking forward to Spring break.   Also a few weeks back I was put on some high blood pressure medication that made me sick as a dog, so I kicked them (the pills, not the dogs) to the curb and put my estrogen patch back on and everything evened out and calmed down.  Good.  Calm is good.  I need more calm, so hold the caffeine and pass the yoga, the crochet hook, and hormone replacement therapy.
You still with me?
 I've been wanting to make a white cotton blanket for a while now, so I started one out of Hobby Lobby I Love this Cotton in a blanket stitch.  I'm really surprised at how soft this yarn is!   So far 3 balls down, 8 to go.  It works up pretty quickly.  Also very soothing.  Same stitch over and over, no ends to weave in, except to change to a new ball.  Mindless.  Meditative.  Calm.  No crazy in sight.
I also made a Jelly Roll Race quilt, just to try it out (fun!) and I'm quilting it now.  More on this later. 
Despite all the above, this weekend is promising to be a good one.  Hope yours is too!

"All shall be well.  And all shall be well.
And all manner of things shall be well "

 Julian of Norwich
14th century English nun/mystic/hermit

Monday, March 11, 2013


You know that part in the movie Bambi, when all the animals start acting goofy because it's Spring, and the owl (I think) says they are all twitterpated?  That's me right now.
I want to clean up the garden, make a sunny lemon yellow quilt, hang bunting on the back porch, crochet a cotton blanket, plant hollyhocks and zinnias, and sip iced tea.  I'm in love with Spring.
 It's truly amazing what happens when the sun comes out.
  Unfortunately all I got done last week was a pot holder.  Oh, and I sewed some of my yo yo puffs together.  I really like this project.
My husband cut all the grass around the property yesterday, and it has stirred up the wildlife.  Our little kitty has graduated to adulthood by dropping off a half dead vole on the back porch.  Um. Thanks kitty.  The robins, scrub jays and mockingbirds are competing for nesting material, and the snails have come out of nowhere looking for the basil I usually plant. They like to leave me the stems.   
I'm not sure how much I'm going to get done this week, but the weather is glorious and my head is full of ideas. What a great combo.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Transition table runner


Here in California, we are smack in the middle of two seasons.  The weather is warm and springlike one minute, and then windy and raining the next.  In the morning the furnace is running full blast, and in the afternoon, the windows are open, and you can hear the neighbors cutting their lawn.
  I made a simple table runner to take me from chilly winter to the warmth of spring.  The brown gingham reminds me of the dark, bare, branches of the trees.  Yet, the tiny flowers on the calico are so springlike.  I made one pink block to represent the first little bloom pushing up from the dirt.  The binding is the color of new grass.
It's going to rain this week, even though it's warm today and the air smells like sunshine.  The breeze is stirring the blossoms from the pear tree, and they are fluttering across the yard and into the pool.  It looks so pretty.
 I want to do something with that yarn.  I love those colors, but I'm just drifting along like the pear blossoms, trying to figure out where I'll land, what new project to start.  I've been looking on Pinterest and Ravelry and blogs and blogs and blogs.  Everyone is so talented and inspiring and full of great ideas!  I need a moment to let it all sink in.  A glass of wine wouldn't hurt either.
Here's to a very creative week!!!!!