Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Scarf

I made this scarf last spring but never wore it.  It just kind of sat there looking boring.  I was learning how to crochet at the time and it was a free easy pattern, so I tried it.  Boring.   I even used the yarn/color recommendation.  Pretty pastel greens and pinks in organic cotton.  Better, but not exciting, so into the closet it went. Until yesterday.  I was looking for a gift and I pulled it out and added some fringe along the length of the scarf, on each side.

This is what it needed!  Before it just hung there kind of sad and floppy.  I know, scarves are supposed to just hang there, but now it hangs with a purpose.  You know, with some personality!  Now I don't want to gift it, I want to keep it.
 Suddenly this scarf is cute and I want to make another one.  Not for the closet.  For me!
I used 2 balls of Nature's Choice organic cotton in "petits fours" colorway.  It's about 69 inches long, and I had just enough yarn left over (thank goodness I saved it), to add 9" happy stringy bits all the way around.  Bye bye boring.


  1. How pretty!! I wouldn't want to give it away either, but what a fabulous gift!! xoxo Debbie

  2. The colors are so soft. You can use this scarf to everywhere as it is very stylish.. good work..

  3. That's so pretty! It's so often the finishing touches that make the difference, isn't it? I'd be wanting to keep it too!
    Jane x

  4. Its such a lovely pretty scarf ,so delicate and feminine,the colour is so lovely xx

  5. You were totally right to add the fringe. Just the spice it needed! And love the colorway you chose!

  6. Cute post! Made me giggle. And a really pretty spring scarf. :)


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