Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Blabbing with pictures.

I have nothing big finished for show and tell so I'm just going to blab about some random stuff and show some pictures.  First off, my husband reads my blog.  Does yours?  He told me and I was surprised.  Of course, he's not looking to make a granny square or bind a quilt. (I'm sure he sees enough of my unfinished piles lying around the living room).  Nope, he said he likes the pictures I have been taking around our house.  Well, I'll be darned.  Since I started blogging, I have been putting up some of my pics onto our screen saver on the computer and he has been enjoying them.  So here you go Tim, I took a few more while you were in L.A. this week.
It was windy here today. I mean, really windy.  The kind of north wind that tosses the garbage cans around and whistles through the crack in the front door.  Well, you know that pear tree full of blossoms at the end of the pool?
This is what it looked like this morning when I went out with the dogs.  So I got busy with the net and scooped them up.  By noon you couldn't tell I had done a thing.  I give up until the wind stops.  Here is the offending (but beautiful) tree.
The pink ones in the background are some kind of plum tree.  The kind that doesn't bear any fruit apparently, because we never get any.
The almond trees are blooming too.
And so is the rosemary.

 Whoops, how did that get in there?  Okay Tim you're excused.  These were a handful of test squares I had stuffed in a bag, not sure what I was going to do with them.  So I chained them together to make a garland.  Then I stuck them to the wall with washi tape.  Cute!  They already fell down, so I have to hang them back up properly.  I also finished my quilt top, and as soon as hurricane Katrina stops blowing in my backyard, I will take it outside for a picture.  Leave a comment today!  My husband is out of town, and I'm tired of talking to myself.
Bye xx


  1. Yep my husband reads mine too! I find it hilarious as he repeatedly tells us he only reads academic stuff, won't read novels, even on holiday, unless they have been written by someone suitably intelligent! I even overheard him recommending my blog to someone one day! How sweet!
    I have to say I'm quite jealous of you Northern hemisphere types having spring. We're heading into autumn having had rain all summer, I am officially dreading winter and the rainy season!! Your pics are beautiful.
    Have a great day!
    Sandra x

  2. I've been so enjoying the recent spate of blog pictures showing spring beginning to bloom around the US and in the UK. Hopefully it won't be long before we here in New Jersey can get into the act!

    My husband reads my blog, too, Lynne! Not sure if he enjoys it, though! Absolutely love the name of yours.

  3. My husband use to but not now. We have had rain so much of it.

  4. Hi Lynne,
    how nice is that, I got to ask my husband if he reads my posts, but I doubt it. The blooms are really pretty on your side of the world already, all that we have is perennieals so far. I am longing for spring and I am a little bit jelous of the flower pettals in your pool.

  5. You should stop by my blog today and see how much rain we got last night.

  6. What lovely photos, Lynne! I must get some rosemary in my garden - I had forgotten how pretty the flowers are, not to mention the lovely smell. have you seen the lemon and rosemary room scent recipe on Beyond my kitchen window blog? I'm going to give it a go :)
    Jane x

  7. My husband reads my blog too, even when he's working abroad - I can see the stats for whichever obscure country he is working in!! Those trees look gorgeous, so pretty but I can well imagine how annoying the leaves are. We are surrounded by tall trees so I spend a fair amount of time raking up fallen leaves in the Spring. xx

  8. Your yard looks so beautiful. I just yearn for California, I don't know why; I've only ever been there once...

    My husband doesn't read my blog--he says, "Why should I do that? I live your blog!" as he nudges some yarn to the side so he can sit down.


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