Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer and the Bushtits

No, the title of this post isn't the name of a band.  I'll get to that in a minute.   First the weather.
It's going to be 100+ degrees all week, so it's officially summertime in the valley.  When we get a heat wave like this I always try to get the plants watered, chores done and errands run first thing in the morning.  Afternoons are spent in the air conditioning, sewing and crocheting.  For example......
I'm making a quilt for my son before he goes off to college.  This isn't the final layout, there is still some playing around to do.  Somehow I need to incorporate spaces in the quilt for people to sign their names.  I plan on having it finished for his party at the end of July.  I need to hurry up!!!

Today while trimming some low tree branches in the backyard, I found an empty Bushtit nest. 
We noticed a lot of these cute little birds around lately, and now I know why!  The nest is about 6 inches long and looks like a dirty old tube sock hanging from a branch.  If you are crafty,  then you will appreciate the effort that goes into creating one of these.  I know you have better things to do, but here is a video of two little Bushtits in action, weaving their nest. Check it out!  Don't you want to know what something called "bushtit" looks like?
With great restraint, I will stop there and change the subject.

This weekend we're going to a wedding and a party for a friend who is turning 50.  I need to practice getting ready for both.
Works for me ; )



I know, grow up already.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Belle Epoque

After a whirlwind month I've been laying low recharging my inner battery with some quiet crochet time.  I saw a shawl sample made up while in a yarn shop in Pacific Grove and thought it was so lovely.   So I started one in Malabrigo "eggplant", a fingering yarn I had in my stash.

I really love the pattern, but wasn't too crazy about the color, so I put this one on hold and started another in "impressionist sky".  I like the name of this one.

Once I add the contrasting edging, I think they will come alive.  Now it's a race to see which one finishes up first!  I do a little of both each day, enjoying the repeats and the color variations. Grab a hook and try out the Belle Epoque shawl pattern here.  It's not a free one, but worth the price.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


COLOR Inspiration:

COLOR Organization:

COLOR Creation:

I feel a blanket coming on.  Love at first sight hexagon pattern from Angie at Le monde de Sucrette.  Perfect.

Friday, June 7, 2013

White granny blanket

Finally finished this thing!  After the yarn dye lot mishap here, I ripped out the first blanket, and went to work making white grannies.  The yarn differences were not as noticeable worked in a block as opposed to crocheting in rows.  Phew!!
It didn't turn out as big as I had originally hoped, but there was no way I was going to buy more yarn and throw a third dye lot in there.  I ended up using some teal blue in the border to make it go a bit farther.  The very edge of the blanket is done up in blanket embroidery stitch with a big needle and length of yarn.  I used Hobby Lobby" I love this cotton" with a G hook and made five rounds, joining each together as I went along.  The teal is Naturally Caron Joy.
When I was done my daughter claimed it for her couch, so it now has a new home.

My last little chick has just left the nest!  He will be heading off to University of California Santa Barbara in a few months! (sniff)  As you can see, my daughter was very happy for her little brother!
And I'm a proud mama!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Going Coastal

Ahhhhh The Pacific Coast.  How I love thee!!!   The briny smell of the sea, the bark of the sea lions, the cool ocean breezes and the wonderful food!  This is a shot of Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, where we went to eat a few times this week.  My sister came with me, so when we took a break from hospital visits, (my daughter is doing very well, the surgery was quite successful.  I will spare you the pictures of the eight(!!!!) huge fibroids they removed from my girl. Ewwww!) we did a bit of sightseeing.
View from one of the restaurants...

I also visited a small town next to Monterey called Pacific Grove, known to the locals as PG.  I didn't have my camera with me but I love this little town, lots of cute shops and great places to eat.  If we were ever to re-open our bookstore, I would want to do it there.
 I found a wonderful yarn shop called Monarch, and went a little bit nuts.
Some Mad tosh, Sublime and Malabrigo...

  I want to start in with that blue yarn and make this shawl right away!  They had a sample done up in the yarn shop and it was really pretty!  Might have to wind this the old fashioned way around the chair back though, because I can't wait until I get home to use my yarn winder.
I ended up not bringing my sewing machine with me, but before I left, I got my latest quilt cut and up on the display wall.  Here's a peek.
It's made to look like gingham!  Looks kind of boring here, but with a voile backing and bright binding, I think it will kick it up a notch. 

 Bye for now, from Salinas and Monterey!