Friday, March 16, 2012

Books and cotton towels

About 2 weeks ago, I received a copy of Homespun Style by Selina Lake.  Wow.  I'll say it again, only louder.  WOW!  I don't usually like to buy "decorating" books, because it's like putting money out for an expensive magazine, but I urge you to check this out.  After reading it, I wanted to run through my house and rearrange, redecorate, and Make More Things.  When I calmed down, I grabbed my crochet hook and went to work.
I made a cotton dishtowel based on one in the book that was hanging on an oven door handle.  I had similar colored cotton yarn in my stash, oh happy day!  I used the vintage vertical stripe blanket pattern (which I  tried last year and ripped out, because I made my starting chain too long and it was taking FOREVER!).
It's kind of crazy to get excited about a little dishtowel, but it really adds a lot of color to the kitchen.  You could use any blanket or dishcloth pattern, and cotton yarn. 
I'm making another one for my bathroom.
To see more kitchen towel cuteness, pop on over and say hi to Kristen at Cozy Things.  Apparently we were both crocheting along on our towels at the same time, inspired by the same picture, without knowing it!  I'm telling ya this book is magical! 

Okay here comes another book recommendation.........

I've lost about 5 hours of sleep from reading this book.  Do not start reading it at night before you go to bed, because you will not go to bed.  The first night I was up until midnight, and last night it was 1:00 a.m.  Thank goodness it's finished because I need a nap.  It's a very quick read, and one of those books that leaves you thinking about it for days after.  The way it starts and unfolds is gripping,(but sweet at the same time.  You'll get it if you read it) and you don't want to stop until you see the characters are safe.  This is the kind of book you pass on to your friends or pick for a book club.  It's that good.

 Have a great weekend everybody!  Comments and new followers are welcome anytime : )


  1. Come and see my first quilt!

  2. Yours is just as cute as I knew it would be! Now I want to make a vintage striped one, too--jeepers, just say the word "vintage" and I'm halfway there already--yes indeed, this book has magical powers. How great is it that we were both hooking a towel at the same time? You are my people. :)

  3. Love your crochet towel, it looks so colourful. And thank you for the book recommendations I will put them on my list!
    Have a happy week.
    Helen x

  4. Dear Lynne, Your crochet towel is so cute and I like the clors so much. Also thank you very much for your recommendations. It is so hard to find them in Turkey. But I can buy them from international stores. Thank you very much and all best wishes...

  5. This book is definitely going to be the next 'big thing' everybody is blogging about it.. think i'm going to have to sucumb and order one!

    Love the crochet dishcloths, unfortunately I'm not a crocheter, I'm a knitter so might have a go to knit one in cotton yarn instead.

    Just found your blog today.
    Fleur xx


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