Monday, July 29, 2013

Alpaca granny

It seems I can't crochet fast enough to get rid of the backlog of yarn spilling out of the cupboard.  A quick granny shawl will usually take care of a few skeins.  I used this yarn, bought from a woman in the next town, who owns a few Alpacas.
 There were four cream colored skeins, two from one animal and two from another.  I alternated the yarn every five rows, so there is a slight band of color variation if you look close.
My daughter was modeling the shawl and her new bun maker, which she says works fantastic!

Meanwhile, this came in the mail......

because I have a hankering to make the Haiku shawl next.  I don't know what's up with the shawl thing lately.  It's the middle of summer for cryin' out loud. Too hot for clothes, let alone wool or alpaca.  We better have a cold winter so I can get my granny on!

 I used up four skeins of yarn, and bought two.  I'd say that was progress.


  1. I love the shawl! I haven't made one yet. I want to though.
    My daughter LOVES that bun thingie!!
    xo Kris

  2. I, too, have too many shawls already, but still I want to make more.
    I looked at your next project and it looks very tempting! And. the alpaka granny looks very nice

  3. I love shawls too - and yours is gorgeous! Well done with the yarn-busting progress... I like your logic ;-)
    Happy Tuesday,

  4. Four steps forward and only two back, that's sounds good to me!!!!! Love the delicate stripe as well as the obvious one!

  5. Such a beautiful shawl and lovely daughter! We better have a cold winter after this relentless summer!

  6. How pretty. I need to get back to my yarn stash : ( May I ask what the pattern is for the quilt in your header?
    It looks very pretty

    1. The quilt pattern is from Made by Rae
      I blogged about it in my August 2012 post "Sunrise Quilt"

  7. Very pretty, Lynne! Seems like I'm always making shawls in the summer too. Maybe because there are really on three months of weather cold enough here to use one. Oh how I love the cold weather!

  8. I would say you are making definite progress Miss Lynne! I LOVE the granny shawl! I have a thing for shawls no matter what time of year it is :)The slight color change in the creams is very pretty, by the way. Can't wait to see the new shawl. Your daughter is darling. My daughter has one of those bun things and loves it too.
    Have a good one Dearie,

  9. Definitely sounds like progress to me! Beautiful shawl, and your lovely girl looks fantastic in it. I can't wait to see what you make next. :)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!