Saturday, August 3, 2013

What's new?

New stack of fat quarters from my LQS

New ribbon from Little Red Cottage.  I have been needing wanting some of that yellow measuring tape twill ribbon for months now.

New mini quilt made from scraps and linen, just so I could hang it with a piece of the above mentioned yellow measuring tape twill.  Pattern here. (If you make this mini, do not use pattern piece A as indicated in the pattern, it will come out too big.  I used piece B, and trimmed to 3" as instructed.)

And a new idea found on Pinterest.  This little dish sits next to my sewing machine.  I toss pins into it as I sew.  Sometimes I miss.  Whoops.

By adding two magnets to the underside using hot glue, the pins now stay put!

What's new on your end? 


  1. Brilliant is right! Your new fabrics are lovely and I love how you made the hanging so you could use the tape. Good to know I'm not alone in justifying : )

  2. That dish is adorable!!! Great idea. LOVE the twill tape....I just ordered a charm pack of Pot Luck by American Jane just for the measuring tape print!!! So cute!

  3. Super little hanging. I love the colours, and what a clever idea for your dish. I've just finished a commission for hand-embroidered buttons and now I'm ready to do some patchwork. I'm so excited. Philippa xxx

  4. You are right this is brilliant.

    Gotta' love new fat quarters...that's a happy sight!

  5. You are so clever!!! Love it!
    xo Kris

  6. The Mini Quilt is sooo cute, and I like the way you hung it up.
    The idea with the magnets is brilliant, I bet you don´t loose your pins anymore.


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!