Thursday, July 11, 2013

His and Hers quilt, the beginning

I got around to washing and cutting the shirts that I picked up from the thrift store.  There were 5 men's 100% cotton shirts ranging in sizes from medium to XL.  They cost $3.25 each, so that's $16.25 total, but I got the equivalent yardage of about 10-12 fat quarters, so I think I came out ahead (the XL was the same price as a small. Bigger size = more yardage!)  Here's how I prepared the shirts to use as fabric.
Cut off the sleeves, removing the cuffs.
Follow along the seams and remove the front pieces.
Finally, cut off the back piece.  When you're done, you should have a pile of scraps left over, made up of collar, yoke, cuffs and button plackets.  Put these in the scrap basket.  You never know what might come in handy.  I have plans for those cuffs.  To see more detailed instructions on how to cut and sew a quilt using men's shirts go visit here.  With seven shirts she had enough for a quilt, backing and binding.  Who knew.
This is my new stack of "His" fabric.  They are sooo soft!
  I could not find any women's 100% cotton shirts that I liked, so I retrieved some "Hers" fabric from my stash.
So far I've used up the fronts, and some of the sleeves, cutting  mostly 3 1/2 inch squares.  I'm saving the bigger pieces (backs) for later.

If your shirts have pockets, you can pick them off, cut around them, or add them in like I did with the green fabric below.  I think it adds some personality!

 Scrappy and no directions in sight.  My favorite kind of quilt.  More to come : )


  1. Hello Lynne

    Marvellous this quilt is going to look so already does :-)
    I am learning not to throw away any clothes at all now and less still my husband's old shirts and jeans. I haven't got the gumption yet to start on a quilt but I have started to use bits of this and that for making doorstops.

    So looking forward to seeing your finished project.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. That looks good already!

  3. It's looking great! I like the his/hers idea. so much more pretty than just HIS! :-)

  4. Pretty! I have been saving up mens shirts for a while, but I never thought of combining them with more feminine fabrics in a quilt. It might make for a quicker finish.....

  5. oh, that's a lovely idea. i always suggest using mens shirts, but rarely follow the idea.myself!

  6. what a great idea. i love the fabrics, they look so nice together.

  7. Wow Lynne you have filled me with inspiration!! I am beyond thrilled to see this idea and am going to pinch some of my husbands shirts - conveniently he tore one last week buy hasn't thrown it out yet. How perfect for me! It makes me wish that I had kept some of my nana's clothing so that I could have made something with all her beautiful floral dresses.

    Take care hon. It's been so lovely to finally get back to visit your gorgeous, colourful blog.



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