Thursday, July 18, 2013


I was very close to sewing the 9 patch blocks together for my son's quilt, when I found this tutorial.  It's like the disappearing nine patch, except it's cut on the diagonal.  Cool!  So naturally I jumped right in and started cutting.   Except now I have to sew them all back together again.  Not cool. Sometimes I should just leave well enough alone. When I had originally laid the 9 patches next to each other, it looked okay I guess. This cut-up version has more movement, but I'm not so sure I like it all that much either.  (I think it's the fabric.  All these blues, grays and black are not my thing)   Too late now!  Maybe when I get the blocks sewn together with some lattice strips, I 'll change my mind. 
The funny part is my son doesn't know a nine patch from a log cabin.  He only cares that the quilt be long enough to reach from his chinny chin chin to his big man feet, and that there's no pink fabric in it.  I could have saved myself some trouble.  But in a way, that's what I love about quilting.  Sometimes it's more about the creative process than the end result.  I think that's why so many of us have oodles of projects on the go at once.  It's the initial excitement of pulling fabric, arranging and rearranging, until you hit the sweet spot that becomes a quilt top.
 It looks like I have more work to do before I reach that point on this quilt.  Including taking care of the mess on my cutting table. 
What about you? Got any good creative messes going on?


  1. Wow yes! I started a quilt with a jelly roll tutorial...wasnt feeling it come together had another quilt started almost finished with that and I have a wool eater blanket I need to finish crocheting.. I dream about my next projects! We are birds of a feather Lynne!

    1. I know! I can't possibly sew/crochet fast enough to make everything I want. What a wonderful addiction!

  2. I have missed some of your posts! That is such a neat block!!! Love it. AND...the his/her shirts quilt........swoon! I have bought several things at thrifts just for the fabric, and/or buttons, etc. Super great way to get unusual buttons and trims.
    Your quilt is going to be great...both that one, and your son's!!!
    I have a creative mess going ALL the time in my sewing room!

  3. Don´t worry too much, it will become a great quilt.
    And never ask men their oppinion on quilts, when I gave the twister pillow to my son matchning his checkered quilt he just said "it is not checkered". I could have saved me some work there, but I still love that pillow and I am happy I made it, just like you will be happy that you made this quilt!

  4. It's looking great and going to be fab when it's finished - well done! I vowed to finish at least 2 WIPs before I started something new, but then I found some fabric I couldn't resist and have started a Scrappy Trip quilt - more sewing and cutting then unpicking then sewing back together again - but I love the result!
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Haha! Creative mess!! Yes, I have plenty of creative mess going on, but mostly it's all in my head at the mo! I've got plenty of ideas for the summer Hols, but whether I get any finished (or even started !) will remain to be seen!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,
    Sarah x

  6. oh how fun! Will check out the tutorial. But I love that the process just took over here!

  7. that's a lovely effect (and a lovely mess) looking forward to seeing the blocks joined together

  8. I like it! You would have wondered about it if you hadn't tried this, so it's better that you went ahead and did it. i think the block is very interesting.

  9. I had to sign up to follow you again due to some issues that occurred in the process of switching from Comcast to ITV3. My blog was accidentally deleted and when my son in law recovered it I was no longer following any of my blogs! EEK!!!
    That's why I look like a new member here :)))


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