Friday, July 5, 2013

Hello Friday!

The heat wave has broken!!! Praise the Lord and pass the lemonade.  7 consecutive days of temperatures at or above 105 degrees.  We actually had to add fresh water to the pool because it was too warm and bath-like.  Yuck.
However, this morning I opened all the doors and windows and welcomed the cool breeze off the Delta.  Suddenly I felt energized, and got to work making some country breakfast sausages .
I used ground turkey and the recipe from this book, and this website.

I'm really enjoying eating this way, although part of me wants some biscuits and gravy with those sausages.  (mmmm, carbs)  Yesterday I made some muffins using coconut flour and tapioca flour and I was really impressed with the taste and texture. So no wheat flour and no processed white sugar.  Just some honey and coconut sugar. (No pictures either. They were devoured quickly)

I'm coming down the home stretch on my shawl.  There should be a tah-dah any second now.

 Wandering through the Internet has revealed a new project that I'm excited to start, using men's cotton shirts from the thrift store.  Stay tuned!
I'm off to watch some Wimbledon action.  My husband is already hollering from the other room, so the semi-finals are heating up.  At least we won't be.  Only in the 90's today.  I can't believe that sounds cool to me now.  Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I really wonder what you are up to with these shirts, you alway have such good ideas.

  2. Ha ha, we've finally started summer so I guess your heat came here instead!

  3. We are having a mini heatwave in the UK, nothing like the temps you are getting though, but enough for us to fill the pool up. Not so fun when I have more decorating to do this weekend - will be up early tomorrow morning to get it finished before the heat builds. I am also stockpiling my husband's old work shirts - I wonder if we are planning the same project? Have a lovely weekend. xx

  4. Hi Lynne. I thought that we would be nice and cool up here in Big Bear, but it is HOT!!!!!! I may have to go buy a fan even!! However, it is much cooler than at home.
    I can hardly wait to see what you are up to with those mens shirts!!
    xo Kris

  5. That will be fun working with those shirts! Thrifty you ; )

  6. I love visiting you here--you inspire me with something almost every single time. The edging on that shawl is looking so wonderful, I can't wait to see the ta-da. And now I wait with great anticipation to see what you're planning with the shirts. I know it will be stunning. Enjoy your temperate weather! :)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!