Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Romantic Shawl

I just love it when something works out like I imagined it.  This shawl did not disappoint me.
Even though I found I'd made a mistake halfway through and had to rip out seven rows, I still loved it.
Even when I got to the end, (when you automatically start hooking at warp speed because you're almost done, and you just want to be finished, but then you have to make all these treble bobbles, which can't be done quickly no matter how hard you try, especially with fingering weight yarn because you might as well be using dental floss), and I was forced to sloooow way down, I still loved it.  That pretty edging, so worth it.  The yarn morphed from a shawl to a Romantic Shawl. 
I can't wait to wear it.

Pattern:  Belle Epoque
Yarn: Malabrigo "eggplant",  Madelinetosh merino light "calligraphy"
Hook: H


  1. Wow, this is so gorgeous and lacy and pretty! Love that border, girl!

  2. The hard work was worth it, it is very romantic, the edge made this shawl so unique.

  3. Jane Austen would be proud :) This is lovely!!!!

  4. i have no idea what you are talking about but I'll. ignore the technical words and just gaze at the awesome shawl (-:

  5. Oh wow, this is just such a beautiful shawl, it looks so intricate, i have been thinking about delicate shawls just lately, and having a go at knitting something a little more sublime, and i think you have inspired me a great deal, i bet you cant wait to wear it.

    Pixie x

  6. Ohhh, deep happy sigh! That is so beautiful. I love your color choices, and the lacy edging is dramatic and lovely. You're right, it is Romantic, indeed. :)


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