Sunday, November 11, 2012

Holiday happenings

Here it comes.  Thanksgiving is fast approaching and Christmas will be right on it's heels.  I have been so busy cleaning (oven, fridge, moving furniture around) to get ready for Thanksgiving, that I barely stepped into my sewing room last week. Nothing crafty got finished, but it's time for a post anyway.  Here's what's new at my house.
 I pulled my homemade vanilla extract from the back of the pantry to have a look.  Almost ready!
Then I found some nice printable labels here.  Now I just need bottles.
The first sign of the holiday season happens in my mailbox.
This pile of catalogs represents the last few days.  Good lord.  Our mailbox is about one quarter mile round trip from our house, which is set back from the road.  When I set out to get the mail I pack a small snack, water bottle, and bring my phone.  Seriously, unless I stop by on my way in with the car, I need to take an empty bag with me to haul everything back.  My husband says they will stop sending them to me if I stop buying.  Snort.  Where's the holiday spirit in that?

I did manage to start a new Claudia scarf.  This one out of a beautiful, soft alpaca.  Pale blue as a wintry moon.  It's so nice when you're done running around like an idiot, to sit and relax with a bit of crochet.  And a few catalogs.


  1. Men ay, they just don't understand!! I love the scarf you are making - it looks so snuggly. And those fabulous labels are going to look a treat on your vanilla (what a brilliant idea!).

    Have a fab week hon, have fun with all those mailers!!

  2. That vanilla is looking wonderful and I love the labels you found! My mail is full of catalogs too. That scarf will be gorgeous!!! Is it a Christmas present for some lucky person?
    Happy crocheting!

  3. The new Claudia scarf looks completely different than the first one, but I like them both. It is amazing what another yarn can do.

  4. Love seeing your homemade vanilla - have you made it before? We made it once & it wasn't that great, so would love to hear about your experience. Any chance you'd consider linking to Tuesday at the Table this week? Good gift idea for folks...

  5. That scarf looks lovely. I love a pale pale blue that's almost greyish in nature. Looks so soft and warm, too!

  6. Gosh, be careful on the way to the mailbox--whatever you do, don't leave the trail. ;)

    Love the scarf. It looks like a wisp of smoke.

  7. Beautiful scarf, so cosy and soft. Perfect for crisp mornings. Philippa xx

  8. Your scarf looks so beautiful and soft, it will be delightful to wear. What a long trip to the mailbox you have! I have just received a whole heap of Christmas catalogues throught the mail too...plenty to inspire that festive feeling! Enjoy all your preparations!
    Helen x


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