Thursday, November 29, 2012

Roller Coasters

Hi again!  I've been on a roll making coasters this week.  My quilt is still patiently waiting for some machine quilting action but I'm not feeling it yet.  Crochet has her hooks in me.
I found a coaster pattern on Pinterest, which led me to this blog.  This is a really fun pattern with lots of possibilities. As you can see I went a little nuts.
I used cotton yarn with an H hook.  On a few of them, I held sewing thread in with my yarn to give it a tweedy look.  Or maybe it's more of a hairy whisker look.  Anyway it was fun to try something different.

These are my favorite.  Ecru cotton yarn blended with metallic thread. I added 6 tiny little jingle bells around the edges for some holiday sparkle.
Great stocking stuffers and hostess gifts, don't you think?
Also, if you are in the mood for some crafting for the holidays, check out Michelle made me.  That woman is a wizard with junk mail and a pair of scissors!


  1. I love all your coasters, and you are right, they certainly would make great gifts.

    I hopped over to Michelle's. Oh my gosh, her hexi ornaments are amazing.

    blessings, jill

  2. I love the coasters! I think they'd make fantastic gifts for friends, hostess gifts, etc. Tie a few up with some raffia, add some special soap, and bob's your uncle. They are super cute with the bells on the edges!

  3. I love vintage crocheted coasters. I have 'em all over my house! I do tons of different shaped motifs!

  4. I like the ones with the little bells on them best, too.
    Didn´t you make these coasters before?

  5. I love your coasters! I get on a roll of crocheting coasters once in awhile also. I will check out that blog you suggest. Thanks!

  6. Great! I think I still have time to make some for gifts and am heading over to the blog you recommended.

  7. I find crochet really addictive. I love the coasters and the bells are gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  8. Very neat Lynne.....I love the way you've tweaked these coasters that you made by adding the thread and the little bells've given them your own special touch andthey are lovely!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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