Monday, November 26, 2012

Good stuff!

Did anyone else brave the big 60% off sale at Joann's this past weekend?  I went on Sunday and it actually wasn't too bad.   All I needed was some thread, but I did come away with 3 spools of pretty good stuff.
I thought I showed great restraint. Very unusual.  I must be coming down with something.

Today I made two bags of bone broth with the leftover turkey carcass from Thanksgiving,  which I had left simmering in the crock pot overnight (like this recipe).  This morning my husband declared he is truly sick and tired of the smell of turkey, so into the freezer it went.  It's good stuff, but I'm glad to be done with it.

 Now I am basting and marking a quilt to work on the for the rest of the week.  We have two storms coming in back to back, so I will probably stay close to home and sew.  I couldn't be happier!
And here is a product I want to share with all you quilters out there.  While at the fabric store last week,   I eavesdropped overheard a woman asking for a tape that is used to fuse leftover batting pieces together.  Oh yes, I could use this too!  After she left, I grabbed the last package.
I tried it on the quilt above and it worked great!  Just lay a strip on top of your batting pieces and press lightly with your iron.  The instructions explain which heat setting to use depending on the batting type.
I usually zig zag stitch my leftover pieces together, but this was a great time saver!  Definitely good stuff!
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  1. I bought some of that tape and have not tried it yet, so good to hear it works! So funny about hubby tired of the turkey smell but I understand! Thanks for linking up & good luck on your basting!

  2. All kinds of good things. Thanks for the tip on the batting tape. I'm looking forward to the rain, too!

  3. Hi Lynne, At last something to help with the batting. I hate wasting time joining batting pieces as much as I hate not having the right size piece. This is a great product and I shall look out for it this side of the pond. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. As for rain, you may have heard here in the South West of England we have had our fill of rain and unfortunately many places have been flooded. Luckily we live on a hill but my heart goes out to those people who have had their homes flooded, some for the second time in just a couple of months. Philippa xx

  4. Ooo I like your colorful tapes so much..
    And I must say Happy Thanksgiving day..:))
    All best wishes..

  5. As much as I love the holiday stuff, it's nice to see the back of it sometimes!! Great idea on the batting tape!

  6. Oh you did show a ton of restraint at a 60% off sale. I don't think I would have. Good thing I missed the ad on that one. LOL

    Thanks for the tip on the basting tape. I just zig zag some batting and it can be a pain depending on the size.

    blessings, jill

  7. You have the best tips. I need some of that basting tape, too! Oh, Santa...


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