Friday, September 7, 2012

Quilts and Pecan Love

I started this quilt in May.  Sheesh.  It's finally done.  I did some free motion quilting in the blocks, nothing fancy, just trying to get the feel for it.  It's now on The Bed.
The binding held up fine in the wash, nothing came apart, thank goodness.  If you remember,  I sewed it down by machine on the front of the quilt, turned it to the back and sewed it down by hand with a pink Perle cotton.  It was kind of hard to pull through the layers.  My fingers are still throbbing.  But I like the look, and will probably do it again.

Well it's still hotter than blazes here, but the nights are cooler.  September is my birthday month and the beginning of fall (I love fall) so I'm a bit giddy at the moment.  I have been coveting a yarn from Madeline tosh for a couple of years now in the color "Glazed Pecan".  I can't get it out of my mind.  Every time I run across something made from it, I WANT IT BADLY.  I see pecans in the grocery store, I think of the yarn.  I know, get over it already and buy some.  So I did.  A birthday present for me.  Here we go.
I started the Claudia scarf found on Ravelry and here.  I ordered 3 skeins in DK and am using a G hook.  It's delicious.  Everything I dreamed.  I want to marry it. 
In this pattern it even looks like pecans!


  1. I seriously LOVE the color of the yarn!!!! It actually looks good enough to eat. Think we could pass that off as "adding fiber to our diets" to make our doctors happy??

    1. Haha! Yes nuts are good for you! Any excuse to buy yarn : )

  2. I like the finished quilt, even if you didn´t use colours that I would. Something we have to try out something different and then we find out that we like different things too. The pecan yarn is very nice, I can imagine you wanting it for a long time.

  3. Your quilt turned out lovely. I love the fabrics ; )

  4. Your quilt looks beautiful. The colours are really fresh and pretty. I can see why you wanted the yarn. It reminds me of toffee as opposed to your healthy pecans. Have a lovely weekend.
    Ali x

  5. I love your fabric and the quilt pattern! Perfect combination and it looks so lovely.

  6. Love the quilt! Love the yarn! Love the pattern you are doing!
    Happy Birthday!!! Celebrate ALL month!!!
    XO Kris

  7. Oh, the Tosh!!! The yummiest yarn ever. The pattern you chose is so perfect for it. I smell pecan pie right now.

    I love the look of that binding technique so much. Does it go through all the layers, to show decoratively on the front, too? Did you use your shmancy sashiko needle? Must know more...

    Have fun gearing up for your birthday! :)

  8. Your quilt is beautiful on the bed Lynne! And I really love the pecan yarn. So glad you finally gave in and bought some. Happy Birtday! Today is my husband's birthday. What day is your actual birthday? I really like the scarf you've started. Think I'll check out that pattern.

  9. I've never seen those fabrics before - they're gorgeous, and your quilt is perfect!

  10. I've seen that Claudia scarf on Ravelry before and, of course, I think I should make it being as I'm a Claudia. Love the yarn and your quilt.


  11. I have given you the Sunshine Award. Head over to my blog to check it out.
    Happy Sunday.
    Laura :)

  12. Happy Birthday Month!!!!! Your quilt is fabulous and that yarn is YUMMY!!!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!