Saturday, November 17, 2012

Soggy Saturday

I woke up to gray skies outside my window this morning.  The wind and rain have all but stripped the little heart shaped leaves from my Redbud tree.  Some of you might think I'm crazy, but I love this weather!  How about bundling up for a long walk, and when you're done, some cocoa in front of a fire!
I have been super busy getting ready for Thanksgiving this week.  We are now up to 26 guests!  I'm going to need a whole flock of turkeys (and more wine!).  However, this arrived today and got me all distracted.
I received my floss order from Sublime Stitching.  They come in yummy colors with fun names like  "fainting couch", "cookie sheet", and "velvet curtain".   I ordered the Prism, Flowerbox and Parlour packs.  Somebody knows how to market this stuff!
Should have a Tah-Dah any day on my blanket.  Just weaving in ends and finishing the border.  I may  have to add one of these labels.
I have so many projects that could wear this.


  1. What a sweet tree that is! And I love your blanket, looks cozy and warm. I linked to you on my blog today - I hope you don't mind, I should have asked first? I finished two blocks like your recession quilt, which I love! Oh, and I could use some of those labels, too! Ha!

  2. Good luck with your Thanksgiving dinner!! I would be in full on panic mode if I had to cook for 26 people....come to think of it, I can barely cook for 3.
    Can't wait to see what you stitch with the yummy floss! Adore the labels! I don't think non-quilters, crocheters or knitters realize exactly how much time goes into the gifts they receive!!
    xoxo Debbie

  3. wowsers about Thanksgiving - sounds awesome though!
    btw, when you embroider, do the patterns you use refer to specific number colors or do you just use whatever color you want? Back when I used to embroider, there was only DMC and my patterns always indicated which color floss to use.

  4. Hi Lynne,
    oh your crochet blanket looks so good, and "thit took forever" is the perfect label for such a big crochet project. Wonder what you are up to with the nice embroidery floss.

  5. Hello Lynne
    Gosh, I love all that embroidery floss, such beautiful colours for such a grey day.Your blanket is looking incredible, I am always impressed when I see crocheters using black and white borders, I never feel bold enough to use them but they look soooo effective.
    Your thanksgiving gatherings sounds like they will be very festive, I do wish we celebrated it here in the UK xox Penelope

  6. I've never seen those labels before but they could easily go on every one of my projects! They all seem to take forever :)

  7. 26 people! Eek! That sounds like a lot of fun, though. The most I've ever had was 18, and I think I sat in a coma for the rest of the weekend while my throbbing feet got back to normal. I love the floss names--I'm a sucker for anything with fun names. The labels are fantastic, too! I'll never forget stitching a big design with about a thousand beads in it, and my brother told me, "I'd even pay $80 for that!". He thought he was complimenting me but I was appalled. LOL Yeah, non-crafters definitely don't get the work put into hand made stuff!

  8. I think anyone who had a summer like ours would truly appreciate the change of weather! Your floss is beautiful....makes me want to buy some...even though I'm not embroidering at the moment!

  9. 26 people - how amazing. I don't even know 26 people! I hope it all goes well. Philippa xx

    1. Haha! I am planning on having a meltdown on Friday.

  10. Sounds like your going to need a very large turkey and keep the wine in the kitchen with you :) The chef needs taking care of. The blanket looks gorgeous. I could do with a large box of the 'This took forever' labels.
    Have a lovely week.
    Ali x

  11. Fun mail, indeed! Good luck peeling enough potatoes for twenty-six (gulp!) people when you have all those goodies calling to you. Yep, I think no matter how much wine you have, you'll need more. Have a wonderful holiday! :)

  12. Beautiful work and awesome colors. And I love that label!!! I guess we can all relate...

  13. hehehe- this took forever has made me smile! xx


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