Monday, November 5, 2012

Recession Quilt

My scrap quilt is done, and I still don't know what this block is called, despite searching the web.  Someone remarked that it looked like a depression block, but it's not quite. 
 This is basically a 36 patch, with 8 of the squares being half square triangles.  The light and dark values of the fabrics help create the pattern.   Not quite a depression, so how about a Recession?  This being an election year here in the U.S. and us being in a recession, I thought I would take political liberties with the name of my quilt.
All fabrics came from my stash.  I almost ran out and bought some backing, because everything I had just didn't work.  Not wanting to spend any more money (recession remember?), I ended up using the Kona snow that made up the borders. I always buy yards of it when it goes on sale, and have a good size stash.
 So it wouldn't look totally vanilla, I appliqued a mini block to the back corner.
Instead of machine quilting, I tied it, something I don't usually do even though I love the look of a tied quilt.  I used #5 Perle cotton, which frayed badly after washing and drying, but the knots held, so I guess it's okay.  I also chose a solid colored binding, all because of one small fat quarter of Phillip Jacobs floral, you can see in the picture above.  It was used as a dark, even though it reads as a medium.  It added a sparkle to the quilt that really stood out, and I had this violet Kona solid (in the stash again, don't know the color name), which coordinated well with it.
Don't forget to vote tomorrow!!!!!!!


  1. Lynne, I've enjoyed the update posts about this quilt. I like how the colors turned out together. It's very harmonious.

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! That's one of those patterns I totally love, with simple shapes that aren't as tricky as they look. Well done, using nothing but stash, too--it all looks perfect together. Great job! :)

  3. Whatever it's called, it's gorgeous. I'm in love with the quilt in your header!! Is there a full view somewhere?

  4. You are talented, this is beautiful and should be treasured. Well done x

  5. Dear Lynne,
    your new quilt is very beautiful. I like scrappy quilts in which you can use fabrics from your stock. I never tied a quilt before but is defenitely an option now.

  6. LOVE it!! What a fun quilt, and the name of it is perfect. It must be fun to look over the fabrics you've used and remember the other things you've made with those fabrics.

    We voted! My 18 yr old twins were surprised at just how easy it was and were happy to get to cast their first vote. :)

  7. Ohh my.. This is extreme hard.. But you did... Wonderful..:))

  8. Lynne your quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I cannot get over how quickly you have finished it. You must feel rightly satisfied. I just love it. Philippa xx

  9. This is one of my all time favorite scrappy quilts!!

  10. I am completely in love with your latest quilt! It looks STUNNING! You must be so proud of it. Clever girl!!!!

    Hope you're having a fab week.

  11. this is beautiful lynne. i love the colors and the design.
    thanks for sharing...

  12. The mini block on the back corner adds such charm. Lovely colors as well.

  13. What a fabulous quilt. Love the colours.

  14. Lovely quilt; I'm working on this one too. It's called "Split Nine Patch". Here's a link to Quilter's Cache, a favourite website of mine. Enjoy.

    1. Thank You! I went to the website and saw the pictures. The name Split Nine Patch makes perfect sense. Glad to finally put a name to this block!


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