Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Random finishes

Two finished items here with nothing in common except that they are done.  Just a bag and a scarf, hanging out, waiting for me to use them.
First up..... a clothespin bag.  Don't get too excited.  I'm sure you have seen one before. I can't believe I have lived here ten years and never had one.  Little dog likes to chew my wooden clothespins, and I keep finding them shredded like toothpicks in the grass, the metal clasp spit out a few feet away like an old piece of gum.  I was keeping them in a small pot on the patio table, and one day I caught him up ON TOP of the table, his nose deep in the pot, choosing his next victim.  Yeah.  Time to make a bag.

The little blue crochet flower is from Annaboo's House.  Visit her blog for the tutorial and while your there, checkout the CAL, for her Monkey/Doll/Cat pattern. You might want to make that too!
 Anyway, if you have a clothespin eating dog like mine and need a bag, you can find the pattern here.

 I also finished the Scarf I Crocheted in Public.
I just need to block it, then put it in the closet until the fall, at which time I will have forgotten all about it.  When I pull it out months from now, it will be a nice little surprise, like finding money in your coat pocket that you haven't worn for a year.
Scarf pattern here or on this blog.

Now I'm off to eat more strawberries.  There are roadside strawberry stands around every corner, and I can't stop buying or eating them.  They will be gone soon, and I don't want to miss a day without fresh strawberries.  Tonight for dessert I'm dipping them in sour cream, then brown sugar.
Anyone else eat them like that?  A friend showed me this years ago, and I'm hooked on them. Warning!  Major sugar overload........
I'm linking up with Debbie's Tuesday at the table, on her blog A Quilter's table.  Nothing like just getting in under the wire on Tuesday night. There are some good foodie things going on over there every Tuesday, as well as a steady dose of awesome quilting and sewing!
Ta Ta for now.


  1. Love your clothespin bag! If I had a clothes line, I'd definitely make me one!! And mmmm RE: the berries - YES we had eaten them like that - a real treat, indeed! Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love both your makes. I was only thinking yesterday that I could do with a peg bag. If only I could sew! I like your thinking with the scarf. The danger for me would be never finding it again.
    Strawberries are just getting nice in England too. We can get Spanish ones earlier in the year but they're not a patch on English grown ones. I had some on my breakfast this morning. The taste of an English summer. (I will say this quietly in case it hears, but we actually have sun and warmth again today...it's started to worry me a tad...)
    Happy day, mrs.

  3. What a pretty peg bag- I love blues and greens together!
    And well done with your crochet-in-public scarf- it looks amazing.
    Thanks for the kind mention, too!
    Have a happy week.

  4. Love the story about your dog eating the pegs!The flower on the peg bag is so pretty, finishes it off perfectly. Right, I m off to try strawberries with sour cream and brown sugar, sounds intriguing. We usually go Italian and have them with sugar and lemon juice, left for an hour or so so that it turns into a sweet/sour syrup. Yum. x

    1. Thank you! I'm going to try your version with the sugar and lemon juice. Sounds delicious!

  5. Fantastic clothespin bag! I'd love to make one of those myself--my clothespins are lying in the grass right now, in bad need of a cuter home. Those brown sugar-covered strawberries look heavenly--I can't wait until strawberries arrive in NY. I'll definitely try them that way! :)

  6. The peg bag is so pretty! I already have one (shop bought not handmade) but feel the urge to make one! Thank you for the link to the scarf. I'm definitely going to make one of those. Your version is so much nicer than the original! The strawberries - well I am trying to diet so sadly just 0% greek yogurt on mine, but I will be having some this weekend - yum!!

    Have fun X

  7. I love these things - the clothespin bag, the scarf, and of course, the strawberries! They all look great!

  8. Such a cute clothespin bag! I love the addition of the ricrac and crocheted flower.

  9. Dear Lynne, I am quite smitten with your clothespin bag: blues and greens work so well together.

    Have a beautiful week.


  10. I LOVE your pin bag! We just hung a new line this weekend, and I went in search of my old pin bag. It was quite brittle, but I laundered it anyway, and it fell apart when I did! I need to make one too. Did you use a pattern or just wing it? Love your color choices. And love the crochet flower to finish it off!!!!!


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