Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the Edge

For a few years now I have been collecting little tea/cocktail napkins.  Here are a few samples....

I wanted to try making my own, similar to the little tulip one you see above.  I love the crochet edging!  I recently purchased a Sharp Crochet Hook, after reading a review on a blog post I had seen here, and thought this would be a good project on which to try it out.  I also discovered that Cuckoo was given a hook and was asked to write a review about it on her blog.  We coordinated our findings and you can read about her experience with the hook over here.
The hook is very sharp and tiny, made to poke through your material, so you can start a foundation of single crochets on your fabric.  Brilliant idea!  It is recommended that you use size 3 crochet thread.  Once the single crochets are completed, switch to a size E hook, and add your next rows of picot, shells, or whatever.  Just like those pretty crochet edged pillowcases!
 However, I tried it through two layers of cotton, and found it hard to get a nice, even pace going.   My stitches were a bit uneven, but I think this can be remedied with some practice. The picture below is the good side.  The other side which I'm not showing you, was poo.
The hook was so sharp, that it grabbed some of the cotton fibers on the way back through the hole. This led to little threads poking out, and the fabric bunching up.  I found that it helped to push the hook in further, making the hole bigger, so it slides back out easier.
Well, this is as far as I got.  Cuckoo actually went on to the next row with hers, so she wins.
I may go back and finish these little napkins when my post-operative hormones have evened out and I have more patience.  Anyone who enjoys making crochet edgings would probably like to add a Sharp Crochet Hook to their hook collection.  It seems to work out especially well on flannel baby blankets.

 In the meantime, I cut the rest of my napkin fabric into 9.5 inch squares. Then I sewed two different prints wrong sides together, leaving the edges raw.  I threw them in the washer and dryer and let them fray.



  1. Lynne I love the frayed edged napkins. I also am rather taken with your tea pot spoon. So sweet.


  2. Oh! very nice Lynne....the crochet edging in red just finishes it nicely.
    I actually have a sharp crochet hook but I always wondered what it was for. It's an old hook that I found among my Gran's crochet stuff which I've never thought to use because it was so sharp. Now I know why she had it among her crochet bits.
    Thank you this has clarified why after all these years!

    Amanda :-)
    newish follower

  3. Lynne, you always have such pretty fabrics, I love the birds and the flowers together. I also love the fact that you tell us all that the reverse side was poo! We would never have known as we can't see it! The sharp crochet hook sounds a bit of a fiddley job. I think I would be tempted just to do a blanket stitch with a needle first, but I am very inspired to try some edging on some pillowcases.

    Daisy X

  4. Hello Lynne! Whilst I have been taking a step or two back in blogland I come here and find a flurry of regular posts ALL delightful. My goodness; how much have I missed? Your daughter is beautiful with a winning smile indeed. I smiled at the thought of you whipping out your crochet at the hairdressers - I bring my knitting to mine here in France which is maybe a tad braver still - but my favourite post of all was the May colours which haunt you. Inlove the way you brought those colours together with fabric, flowers, etc. Those colours are really beautiful and close to my heart too. I do get the feeling when visiting your blog that both crochet and patchwork give you that freedom to play with a whole range or colours and that is very seductive indeed.

    Oh, and I almost forgot the amazing ripple blanket.


  5. They look very pretty, you don't see many of the old fashion one any more.

  6. Woo Wee! I love these little beauties! Lucky you. Just found your blog today for the first time. Love Katie @ Booty-full things! xxx

  7. Fabulous! I love these. I'm going on the hunt for a sharp crochet hook immediately--I don't know what the poo side looks like, but the good side looks very nice! :)

  8. I think I need one! My grandmother always made the most beautiful crochet edging on her pillowcases. Not that I will be able to do the intricate, tiny work that she did, but I sure love a crocheted edge. Thanks for the information!

  9. I love making napkins and love your idea of using the pointy crochet hook. I've never seen one of those and will be on the lookout. Thanks for the helpful tips, will be making some soon.


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!