Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The colors of May

For some reason these colors are haunting me.  Pinks, apricot, yellow, peach and orange.  They are in my sewing.....
My crochet......
New things I have bought recently....
And some very old things...
 Even my garden is contributing to the color scheme....

What about you?  Any special color combinations catching your eye lately?

Also, May is extra special to me because tomorrow is the birthday of my oldest.  When she was little I always tried to imagine what she would look like as a grown-up.  Well here she is 32 years later, and I couldn't be prouder.
Her middle name should have been "Fun", because she has a wicked sense of humor, is always the first one to cannon ball into the pool, and her smile can light up a room.  She's a helluva teacher, and the kids love her, because she's still a kid at heart!  I hope she never looses that quality.  Happy Birthday Danielle!


  1. Thanks Mom! I got all my best qualities from you. Love you lots! :D


  2. Happy Birthday Danielle.. I wish a long and healthy life to Danielle.. And dear Lynne you are a very lucky and very sweet mother. I congatulate you first to have a daughter Danielle.. Best wishes to you...
    You like appricot color like me.. Your flowers colors are so relaxing and so soft. Your fabric colors are so pretty. And also I like your nail lacquer.. So sweet... Good choise..
    Best wishes and hugs.....

  3. I love everything in your pictures. The fabrics are beautiful, very pretty, it seems a shame to cut them up!
    I'd fight someone for those books... they are gorgeous!
    And what a beautiful daughter you have, you must be very proud of her.

  4. I hope your daughter has a lovely birthday. What great roses you have.

  5. Happy Birthday, Danielle! I hope she has a wonderful time! Your colours in this post are so delicious, really pretty. At the moment my colour ways feature lots of red, white and blue which I love, and also because of the Jubilee and Olympics in the UK...but I am also looking forward to some sweet florals too very soon :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Helen x

  6. Lovely colours - and that first rose is beautiful - is it a David Austin one? And what a lovely smile your daughter has.
    Thanks for the advice on wearing the shawl. I think it might get some wearing now!

    1. Yes the first and third are David Austin roses...my favorite kind! The second one is a climbing rose called Alchemist that my daughter gave me for Mothers day years ago.


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