Monday, June 4, 2012

Fabric vs. Yarn. A race of craftiness.

First came the fabric.  I love the floral on the top of the stack.
Then the yarn....
Enter the sewing machine.....
And then the hook!......
Actually this is really about me avoiding the quilting that needs to be done on my Daisy cottage pink and grey quilt.  But we'll talk about that later.....
I think the Fabric is winning.

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Lynne xx


  1. What a lovely palette - I'm voting for the fabric, no offense!

  2. Love the mix of colors and I refuse to choose a favorite :) xoxo Debbie

  3. I love the colours you are using - both the fabric and the crocheted granny squares are beautiful!

  4. wow! fab colours. very very exciting!

    I love it. I am going to get a sewing machine for my birthday. I can't wait to be able to do things like this!!!


  5. both of them are beautiful.. You found similar colors of fabric and yarn.. Yes I am sure I like both of them..:)) Best wishes..

  6. Oooh I love that combination of colours. I'm intrigued, I know it's a quilt but why the yarn too? Have you got a plan? A surprise up your sleeve?
    I like both equally as much. I'm envious of the quilt because I wouldn't be able to do it myself!

  7. I'm with you, sometimes I just CANNOT decide which to do. I do so love both working with fabric and yarn. Too many things, not enough time :-)

  8. Gooooorgeous quilt! I love your new color palette right now, too--earthy and warm. Purty! :)

  9. Great way to coordinate the afghan and the quilt. Love it!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!