Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Crocheting in public

Yes I did it.  I whipped out my bag of crochet at the salon today when I went to cover my grey hair  get some highlights in my hair. ( I took these pictures with my iPhone.  Don't my feet look tiny and far away? )  I  have only taken out my crochet once before in public, and I was so self conscious, I barely completed a few stitches before stuffing it back in the bag.  Well not any more.
I knew I was going to be under the hair dryer for a while so I brought my project bag with me.  And the salon wasn't exactly crowded, so I felt brave.  But my stylist put the little foil thingies right where my glasses would go above my ears, so I had to squint and hold the hook out where I could see it.  Nothing like drawing even more attention to yourself.
Gosh  these pictures are first rate.  First my feet disappear and now my chin has left the building.  Anyway, my hair was successful, but I'm not to sure about the 5 rows I managed to crochet in braille on my scarf .

My hair was so shiny I had to wear sunglasses!  And I crocheted in public!  By myself, not in a group!  And it only took 53 years!  Sometimes it's the little things that get me excited   : )

So moving on to a normal camera in the privacy of my home, here is my latest quilt that I started over the weekend.
I'm using a fat quarter pack of Daisy Cottage and a pattern from Happy Zombie, that was featured in the spring issue of Quilts and More.  I like it because it uses big pieces of the material and really shows off the prints.
Who am I kidding.  It's a really easy pattern.

Yep, there's that scarf again trying to get in all the pictures.

A special thank you to Sara at Tangled Happy for including my coasters on her wonderful blog!  And as a result.....Hello to my new followers!  Nice to meet you :D


  1. Look at your cute self crocheting in public!! :) And easy = finished!! Then you can do another project!! That's the way I roll! Congrats on being on Tangled Happy! xoxo Debbie

  2. You look great! Kudos for crocheting in public! Go for it!

  3. I took my crochet to the waiting room at the doctors once, but it was so crowded, I didn´t take it out. So hurray, you did it!

  4. Hi Lynne love the hair and love the scarf. Hair is my vice and I have a regular appointment with my hairdresser to keep those greys away! Would love to see that scarf when it is finished Anny :)

  5. Wahay! Crocheting in public rocks! Last summer I crocheted while sitting round the swimming pool every day in Gran Canaria. Ok, I looked like an old lady and everyone who walked past me did a double take but I didn't care. (Much.) I love your comment about crocheting in Braille! I'm the same without my glasses. Age is a terrible thing!
    I love those quilt fabrics, can't wait to see it finished.

  6. Love the pics of the hair salon- brilliant!
    And well done for the whole crocheting in public thing. I did some recently whilst waiting at the airport for a flight to arrive and I have never felt so self-conscious in all my life. But, I will definitely do it again- and I hope you do too!
    And I should have said- a lovely scarf too!
    Have a great week.

  7. Dear Lynne,
    your hair seems so brilliant and wonderful.. I like the color so much and you know my hair's color is just like yours.. And also your hair style is so cute.. Making some little differences is giving me energy and freshness...
    Happy happy crochets..

  8. Love the fabric and the quilt pattern. I would love to make a quilt, I have even bought some quilting books and have a fair stash of fabrics, but I just haven't taken the plunge yet. It looks like it could be quite time consuming and I have so many projects on the go at the moment. I'm very inspired by your project and look forward to seeing the finished quilt. You seem to be a very busy lady indeed!

    I chuckled when I saw your photo's and imagined you trying to crochet at the salon. Isn't it strange how we all seem to suffer such shyness when it comes to working in public.

    Have fun X

  9. Your hair looks great and well done for crocheting in public. I have been known to take my crochet to the hairdressers too! I love the way you hang the quilt pieces on the wall so you can see what it's going to look like. Beautiful fabric, the colours are right up my street and also go with your scarf! xx

  10. You are looking fabulous, darling! Good for you, bringing your crochet. We're bringing the hookin' back, sister. I'm madly in love with that quilt, too, by the way. Gorgeous fabrics, beautiful pattern. I'm adding that one to my own list. :)

  11. I love seeing your new quilt in the works! I just finished that same pattern and loved it! Perfect fabric! Enjoyed your other pics, too!

  12. Hello Lynne,
    I'm your newest follower :-)
    Now don't be shy about doing your crochet in public...we women are pure multi-taskers! I have my bag of crochet in my handbag always I hate to think I have to sit and wait bored stiff in the dentist or doctors and I most certainly take it with me to the hairdressers with me. I am considering doing it in the bank too the way the service is at present...much too slow.
    I love the ripple stitch blanket in your first post very striking and those coasters are pretty.

    Amanda :-)

  13. I agree crocheting in public is like getting a new born freedom, congrats....and like the hairdo. :) ~~Debb


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