Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Cleaning, a bag and a prom.

A stash mish-mash......
This is about half my scraps.  There is another bin in the closet.  Usually when I work on a project, I take some of the leftover fabric and cut it into 2 or 3 inch squares or strips, to be used for future scrap quilts.  This has gotten away on me and it's growing like a bad rash.  I have been tripping over the piles, moving them around and then back again.  Besides there is a fantastic scrap quilt pattern I want to revisit, and it's going to take some reorganization.
The pattern I'm thinking of requires your fabric to be broken down into lights, mediums, and darks.
I also made a separate pile of strips for log cabin blocks or binding.
Then I reorganized my bigger cuts into cubbies.
 Now we're talking. One more closet to go......
While in above messy closet, I pulled out some great Monaluna organic cotton I had been saving, dropped everything, and made this bag....
It's a pattern from Happy Zombie (love her blog), and you can also find it here.  I made it bigger, (12x18) so it would be more of a tote-size.  I already pulled fabric to make another in the original 8x10 size.  It was so fun and easy to make!
Now before I go I just have to share some pics of my son's high school prom.  These boys have known each other since elementary school, and they all play sports together, and are quite the Band of Brothers.  I don't know whose idea it was to wear white tuxedos, but they all jumped in together, sporting different colored vests and ties.
My husband took these pictures, as I had just gotten out of the hospital, and couldn't go see them off. My son is the fifth from the left.  One of the mothers said they looked like Easter eggs!  Here are the girls.  Just as colorful!

They rented a party bus, went to dinner, and then on to the dance.  How do you top that?
Is this my baby boy?  Waaaaaa! When did this happen???  I would give my left ovary (oh wait, I just did), to have him 3 years old again, sitting on my lap in the rocking chair, fresh from a bath, and reading him a story.  I think he has other interests now ; )


  1. Your bag is fabulous, I love it! Wow how handsome are those boys in their lovely tuxes and the girls are all so pretty. Your son has a lovely smile, you must be a proud mom :)

  2. What a handsome son you have! Great smile and it's good to see your kids having fun with their mates.
    I love the bag and envy your sewing talent. Your fabric stash is larger than my yarn stash!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. O I wish I had a handle on my scraps too. They're sort of organized, little ones in one bin, larger elsewhere, etc, but I hate sorting them and it seems like too big a chore to dig in and start cutting them into squares, but how nice that would be if I did, I'd actually use them. I do dig into them for projects when I need to, and I do keep the strips separate that are leftover from projects. Still, I have so many that are just, well, messy.

  4. Hi Lynne,
    Good job on all the organizing!!
    Your bag is adorable, and your son in so cute!!!
    xoxo Debbie

  5. haha. Oh WHY must they grow up?! Looks like a fantastic time was being had by all. Sorry to hear of your surgery - hope you are doing ok!

  6. Thats my kind of spring cleaning! The fabrics look good once they are organiced and I am very curious to see the scrap quilt you are about to make. I also can imagine you leaving all the scraps as they are and whipping up that bag, I got to check out that pattern, the bag looks good.
    The prom pictures are nice, and you defenitely can forget about the "sitting on your lap" thing!

  7. Dear Lynne, I wish your handsome son to have a very long and healthy and full of success years.. You are very lucky and a very good mother I see. All best wishes to you and your warm family...

  8. I hope your felling better. What a lovely group of good looking young adults they all are. Full of hopes and dreams.

  9. I am happy to see you posted your sons prom pictures. My son went this past weekend too. You are so right, it's hard to see them so grown up. It happened so fast, I want my baby boy back too...
    Have a blessed weekend :)

  10. Handsome boy! And your amazing stash looks so ready now to become a bunch of scrappy, lovely quilts. You've inspired me to organize. Or make a quilt. Making a quilt sounds more fun!


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