Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hot 4th and a new blanket

It's going to be well over 100 degrees here this weekend.  What better time to start a new blanket.  Well anytime is a good time to start a new blanket, so any excuse will do.  Check out Angie at Le Monde De Sucrette's blog.  She started a giant granny square afghan CAL and I can't resist the challenge. Here is what I got so far...
 I'm using Cotton Ease yarn from my stash, with an H hook. Good times.  And also ....
Here's a peek at something else I'm loving at the moment.  Nine more blocks to go.  I should have more on this after the weekend. Have a great holiday!!!!!

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  1. Those are both so lovely! I totally agree, there is no better time to start a hot, wooly project than during a heat wave in July. I do the same thing, who knows why? I can't wait to see them when they're finished.


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