Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer reading

We are leaving town for a few days, and one of the first things I like to do when I go on vacation is get a stack of books to take with me.  Here's what is going in my carry on bag...
I read some Agatha Christie when I was a teen, but thought I would try a few more this summer.  This one is about a murder on an airplane.  Since we are flying on this trip, I though it would add to the excitement. (Ha Ha. Weird)
One of those nice long, lovely, gentle, English novels.  I already started this book, and it reminds me of laying on a raft in the water in Hawaii.  Warm sun , gentle lapping of the water, relaxing, but with slight bobbing of the raft, just enough to keep you aware of where you are. So far, there is enough of an undercurrent of mystery to make you want to continue.  Kind of like a slow leak in your raft, rather than a school of sharks swimming around you in a circle.
There is an HBO show on based on this book.  At 807 pages, I may have to pay a fee for overweight luggage.  I barely started it, but am already confused.  There are a lot of characters with odd names, far off lands, kingdoms, and things I can't pronounce.  But there are a gazillion great reviews on Amazon, so I will give it a go. At the very least I can use the books to stand on and reach the overhead compartment on the plane.
I will give you a hint where we are going...
Yep.  The happiest place on earth.  Where a small coke cost $16.00 and you get to spend your vacation standing in long lines on cement in 90 degree weather, with other sweating families trying to pacify whining, sticky, tired children......Oh sorry.  I was reliving the last time we went there.  This time our youngest is 16.  He can now walk on his own and doesn't require a stroller, bottle or diaper. Yay!  We are going with our dear friends whose son is the same age, and we will not see those boys unless they come find us for more money.  Sounds good to me.  The hotel where we are staying has an awesome pool (hence the books), because I really can't imagine spending every moment on a ride or in line for a ride, or walking to the next ride. (reading this post so far makes me think I have some kind of hormonal imbalance causing a bit of crankiness. Guess I need a vacation. Or some estrogen. ha ha.)  Seriously though, it will be nice to get away,  let myself be entertained as only Disney can do it, and feel like a kid again.
To infinity and beyond!!! (or Anaheim and back to Sacramento)

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  1. I love your book choices! The Distant Hours is on my must-read list, too. And don't forget to ride It's a Small World--that thing is a marvel of craftiness. I want to build a replica It's a Small World in my you'll think I'm loony. :)


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