Friday, July 22, 2011

Home from Disneyland

Ok so Disneyland was fun in a Mad Hatter kind of way.  I've never seen it so busy. It was like running with the bulls in Spain, or swimming with salmon upriver.  Talk about a Sea of Humanity!  You wouldn't think we were in a recession by the amount of people there spending money.  We did so much walking, I swear I couldn't feel my feet after the second day.  However, Apricot Martinis really helped with this!  The kids had a blast and managed to hit all the major rides. Here is a pic of them actually sitting still.  That's my son in the middle.
And here are a few of the parade .....
The best I could do considering I was smashed against a trash can, looking into the sun, with a stroller biting into my heels. Ha Ha.  It was very colorful and the music was great!  On Wednesday we stopped for lunch by Splash Mountain and this was the view.....
Word of caution.  If you go on any ride involving water, do not wear white capri pants that day.  Just saying.  So, now that I'm home it's back to business.
This is going to be a half granny shawl, made with Madeline Tosh merino light in the color denim.  I'm thinking of wearing it this winter with just a basic long sleeve black T, maybe from GAP and a pair of jeans.  There are a ton of these on Ravelry.  The pattern is super easy, just granny away and increase on each end.  I'm using a K hook.  Check out the one made here.

All right then, time to load the dirty vacation clothes in the wash, put my aching tootsies up on the coffee table and grab some hook time.

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