Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pin Up Girl

Today is the day.  I can't put it off any longer.  I have to pin a quilt.  Aaaaagh!!  There's a baby coming, and he won't wait.  The shower is the end of this month, and I don't want to be sewing on the last few inches of binding while people are waiting for me in the car.
To prepare,  I psyched myself out warmed up by going on my usual morning walk/run. (Really more walking than running unless something is chasing me.)  Then I wrote this post so I could delay it even further.

1. Warm up, stretch, yoga poses, whatever.  See above.
2. Mop all dog hair from the floor
(That black lump next to the couch is the offending hairy lab)

3. Yell at the dogs, because when you got up to get your supplies, the dogs laid down in the exact spot where you were going to lay the quilt.
4. Repeat #2 if necessary.
5.Tape quilt backing to the floor, wrong side up
6. Lay batting on top of backing and smooth out nicely.
(I think it needs a bit more smoothing)
7. Lay your quilt top right side up on your batting.  Smooth again, while you admire your clever choice of fabrics.
Now dump out your pins, take a deep breath and begin.....

1. *Squat, reach, pin, stick yourself, ouch, grunt, shift, adjust the squat, pin again, kneel on a pin, swear a little, reach, groan, pin, and so on.
2. Take a break when sweat drips off the end of your nose and onto the quilt.
3. Unfold yourself from the floor and go check the air conditioner, because you swear it isn't working.
4. Sip iced tea.  Stand over your quilt and mutter things you don't really mean, like "Why did I start this thing.  I should have just got them a Toys R Us gift card."*

Repeat  between * and * until all pins are in place, and your legs feel like jello.
Be really sore the next day.

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