Thursday, August 8, 2013

20 years to think about it

There is a lot of sorting/cleaning/organizing  and contemplating going on here at pieceful.  I've been looking through some really old projects left unfinished in the cupboard, some were pleasant surprises, some were broken down and put back into the stash. My fabric stash tells a tale of where I have been with this craft and the phases I've been through.  I feel another shift coming on.

About 20 years ago when I started quilting, the only fabrics available were very country/prairie-ish, the patterns very traditional, the colors limited and earthy and dark.  I felt like there had to be more to quilting than a log cabin in blues and tans and rusty red- browns, and so I searched out new ideas to include paper piecing, applique, wool, mini quilts, and blended quilts. Oh to have had Pinterest back then!
 Right about the time I was getting bored with the same patterns and colors, new modern fabrics and quilting style began to emerge on the market.  I was happy to work with the beautiful bright  and colorful material, and it gave me a new found pleasure in quilting again.  However, I don't think it's "me".
Right now, I feel as though it's time to settle down into my own skin, let my "style" come out of the closet, and stop following the pack.  I think it took 20 years of exploration to figure out just what my "niche" is, and this last week, while cleaning and sorting, I had an aha! moment.
I also created a new board on Pinterest, called Things that I love.  I can't stop looking at it.
This mosaic has helped by collecting my likes all in one spot and it's been very insightful.  I don't feel as though I need to spin around in every direction anymore, looking for the next thing.  My "thing" has been here all along, I just haven't settled into it.
It needs to be a little more peaceful here at pieceful.
So what does all this mean and why am I telling you?
I dunno.
Maybe I just need to commit to myself, out loud.  Maybe (if you have been quilting as long as I have, or knitting or crocheting), you are going through something similar.  Maybe I'm just fickle. Or getting old (ha ha).
Anyway I don't see a radical change coming to this blog, but maybe more of a "leaning into" a new sense of self.  I'm eager to begin.
Sigh. Okay this is getting way too serious.  I wrote 4 paragraphs without one sarcastic crack and I'm about to explode.

The washcloths were made using cotton yarn, and double crochet stitch in the back loop only.  They are very boingy/stretchy, but I like them.  Do you believe the size of that bar of soap? You could seriously hurt yourself with that thing.  How can you even roll it around in your hands?  Which is why it's been in the closet for years, tied up with a ribbon in a little plastic bag.  I think I'm going to  leave that little display out on the counter for a while, because the soap still smells wonderful.
I made a linen pillow for the yo-yo puffs, because I was tired of moving that little pile of puffs around my sewing room, all the while telling myself "you need to do something with that little pile of puffs".  Anyway, I always wanted to try making that style of ruffle on the ends of the pillow.  So there.  It's done.

Anyway, thanks for listening today. I'm off to explore my inner crafter.

 Any thoughts on your end?  The comment section is wide open :)


  1. Beautiful cushion and washcloths, Lynne!! And so lovely staged :-). About the big soap: Maybe you could simply cut it in half (or quarters) with a big knife to get more handy pieces? Have a nice evening =)
    xxx Nata

  2. [I was all, like, no sarcasm? Lynne is going to explooooode...]

    I think I am going through this same thing--there's so much out there to be beautifully influenced by, and it's so easy to wander away from what we really love. It's worth taking time to figure it out. :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your post. :0)

  4. Interesting...I think I have finally found my niche in the last couple of years too. I also think Pinterest and Blogging helped me narrow it down.

    I do love washclothes with matter how big the soap is!

  5. Why yes, I do have some thoughts! I was thinking, as I was reading this, that you must be about my age. It was only a couple of years ago, that I too, felt like I had finally found my niche!!! I don't care about pleasing anyone else anymore. I am my own person. Love me, or not....I am okay with that. I am passionate, and love my family fiercely. I have dear friends, with whom I know I shall always be close. I am in a good place, in my life, and I am loving that!!! I think perhaps, you are too.
    LOVE the washcloths!

  6. Sweet washcloths! I love the yoyo pillow, too.

    I have spent a lot of time recently trying to look at what appeals to me in certain quilts or a quilter's style and apply that to what I like. I keep reminding myself that, at the end of the day, what quilts or samplers I make mostly stay in my house or go to loved ones, so the current trends don't matter. If I love it, then it matters. Recently I've had friends tell me that they can't believe I like colorful quilts and fabrics because I love reproduction samplers, as if the two are mutually exclusive. I think it's the quirky and fun that appeals to me in both. I don't want to make a bunch of quilts that are all the same, as some do in the shabby chic or aqua & red style. I hope that they all reflect a bit of me, though.

    This is getting too deep. I need more coffee. ;)

  7. Just follow your inner voice, I am sure I will like what you create.


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