Monday, August 12, 2013

Bag Lady

This past weekend I made a plain and simple market/project bag from an old bark cloth curtain I had squirreled away.  Honestly it's time to stop hoarding this stuff  in my cupboard and get down to making things.  It measures about 15 x 18 inches and is lined with brown and white gingham.  The perfect accompaniment to chocolate chip banana bread.
Ha!  Now I got your attention!

Enjoy your week girlies!


  1. Love your bag - the soft pretty floral and the brown gingham are just perfect together....ooh and that Choc chip & banana is a yummy combo too!

  2. mmmmm lovely, oh and the bag too! is it reversible? i make mine reversible and then never think to reverse them!

  3. Your banana breas look delicious, but you already hab my attention before, with the beautiful bag.
    And you are so right we all should start "making" instead of "stashing"!

  4. I can just imagine how good that smells. Yuuuum. :)

  5. You give up that chocolate chip banana bread recipe right this minute! You can't post a picture like that and not share! It's a rule or something, I'm sure of it.

    1. LOL!! I swear i just used my old Betty Crocker cookbook recipe and added chocolate chips. Any banana bread recipe will work. Go for it!


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