Friday, August 23, 2013

Quilt and Clutch

Thank you all for the support and kind comments about my little dog. You guys are great. Really.

All I want to do this week is sew.  I'm making myself finish a few things, but I have a lot of ideas for quilts floating around in my head.  There is something about a change in seasons that fires me up.  However, there is a danger to starting a "fall" quilt just before fall begins.  I sometimes don't finish until the following fall.
So first I finished the quilt I'm making for my son.  I love how these blocks turned out using this method, but when I laid them all out together, it was a bit too chaotic.
Then I added  2.5 inch lattice strips out of Kona Bone, and the planets instantly aligned.
It measures 55x75 and I found a black and grey stripe hiding in my stash for the binding.  He doesn't leave for college until next month, so I can take my time quilting it.

Next I added the lining and zipper to a crochet clutch purse I made back in June.
The pattern is Contemporary Clutch from the book Simple Crochet by Erika Knight.  It calls for 4 balls of Rowan Savannah, using two strands held together and a J (6mm) hook.  It's basically just a large rectangle sewn together up the sides.  I think it's pretty cute, but rather floppy. My daughter likes it, so I guess it's got a home.
By the way..those cute reading glasses were left here after a party we had for my sons graduation.  If anyone who came to the party sees this post and recognizes them, thanks for the prop. They are here waiting.

I had an idea for another low volume quilt.  Maybe not quite as low as the last one I made, but soft and faded.  Kind of Little house on the Prairie meets low-volume. I'm having lots of fun pulling the fabrics for this one.
Have you guys started any fall decorating or crafts?  Do tell.


  1. Ok. Can we just chat a minute about that quilt in your blog header? It's so amazing. I have a similar vintage quilt. So special. I like the look of your low volume quilt-both this one and the first. Fabulous.
    Enjoy your sewing this week

  2. I love son's quilt and I'm always impressed by embroidery!!!! I love the low volumes you've pulled, you mentioning LHotP reminded me of a low volume quilt I saw of houses, that was pretty too, there is something very gentle about LV quilts

  3. All you have to say is "Little House on the Prairie" and I am there. Ma would love this one. The boy quilt is fantastic too--there are so many piecing techniques I don't know about. Investigating, pronto. :)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!