Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bringing hexies back

I've had this old quilt for about 15 years now.  I found it at the flea market in the bottom of a box, where it sat worn and stained and forgotten.  It was no longer usable as a bed quilt, but over time, I have been  carefully cutting around the holes and stains, preserving pieces for other projects.  I even covered a footstool with it once.
Would you look at all those tiny stitches?  That's a lot of work, never mind piecing all those hexagons, which are only about 1.5 inches each.  I could not buy enough patience to make something this amazing.
So I made a pillow out of some of the scraps.
I added some stitching with my sashiko needle.  I LOVE this needle.  I bought it online sometime last year (can't remember where), and have used it every time I want to create a big running stitch.  It's really easy on the fingers too.  Go get one.
I sewed down the quilted strips on my machine, leaving the edges raw.

Inspiration for this pillow came from these little pretties.  I actually found an etsy shop that sells embroidered Sari material (kantha style), and have ordered a stole which looks to be made up of about 4 or 5 different colored pieces.  I am hoping to use it to make pillows like the ones pictured in the West Elm link.
In the meantime, I started piecing some hexagons using a 3.5 inch template.  Yep.  I like it.
These are big and easy.  Each flower measures about 10 inches across, so it shouldn't take too many to make a throw sized quilt.  How long it will take me is a different matter. 
I have be seeing Christmas makes out there in blog land and on Pinterest lately.  Is it time to go there?  I suppose we need to get started soon.  It's hard to wrap my head around the holidays when the weather forecast here calls for 100 degree heat and boob sweat of epic proportions.

If anyone wants me I will be in the house with the air conditioner thermostat set somewhere between Iceland and the North Pole.


  1. Love the look of that pillow and the colorful hand-sewn least they look hand-sewn. I've never seen anything like this. So scrappy-pretty looking.

  2. Oh my, I love what you did with the quilt strips into a pillow! How clever!! I have a few quilts like that, not in good enough shape to display, or set out, but still cannot bear to toss.
    It is amazing to think of generations before us, sitting about the table, needles in hand, making those teeny tiny little stitches into cloth, both for decoration and warmth. I am lucky enough to have a few of the quilts that my Great Grandma made, sometime in the early 1920's. I treasure them.
    It is stinking hot here too. Ugh. Hard to think about Christmas gifts, but I have begun to work on some.
    I have not jumped the hexi bandwagon just yet. It seems much too fiddly for me.
    Love yours though, and all I am seeing on line!!!

  3. I'm all innocently admiring your hexagons and then spat tea on my keyboard when you casually dropped boob sweat in! Very funny and I'm with you there!
    Love the new project and great work rescuing the old quilt.

  4. What an excellent find! I love how you're re-purposing it in such lovely ways. The original stitcher would be pleased, I think.

    Wait, there is such a thing as a sashiko needle????? Girl, what other fabulous tips are you holding back? ;)

  5. The pillows are wonderful! Enjoy the A/C and quilting this weekend. I will be suffering from boob sweat :) xoxo Debbie

  6. How clever to use pieces of a worn quilt for other projects!

  7. I love how you have repurposed the lovely old quilt. I have a few that are so tattered now that they need new life, you have inspired me.

  8. What a great flea market find. I am happy you saved it and you are turning it into something pretty and useful now. The pillow looks nice, and the diagonal striped ones you want to make look pretty too.
    Have fun with your hexies and enjoy the nice weather!

  9. I just found your blog--love your work! I was drooling over your pictures of California, too. I love what you did with the pillow, how you were able to salvage part of the quilt. I'm sure the original quilter would be glad to see her work still being cared for & used!

    LOVE the hexies! I need to get back to mine. Christmas projects--eek.

  10. LOVE the pillow! *dies* It will be interesting to see what the raw edges do over time.

    So happy to have found your blog. :o) It is gorgeous. I "pinned" it.

    Off to investigate "sashiko needle."

  11. HAHAHAHA!!!! "Boob sweat of epic proportions". LOL The hubs finally asked me why I was going into the bathroom, like 10x a day. I wish I can said I had a funny come back like what you said. I would have loved to have seen the look on his face.

    I love hexis and will have to try the larger size. I to am off to check out the "sashiko needle". Never heard of it.

    What on earth did we all do with ourselves before blogging??? Personally I think all the quilting, fabric, sewing, etc. companies should thank bloggers for their huge increase in profits. LOL

    blessings, jill


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