Friday, August 17, 2012

Sunrise quilt (and another shawl)

My son was up at 5 am today.   His high school has a "senior sunrise" day at the beginning of each school year for the senior class.  They have juice and coffee and muffins and gather to take a class picture as the sun comes up.  I think it's a great tradition, and the picture goes in their yearbook.  Since I was up early too, I took a few pictures of my own, before the sprinklers came on in the side yard.
I first saw this quilt here made by Debbie out of the cute new Marmalade fabric, then followed her link to Made by Rae, for the free pattern. Isn't that nice of her to share?
 I  added another row to make it bigger ( you will need to cut 40 more colored squares) and now it measures about 56x56 in.  I used Lilly Belle fabric by Bari J. and some Joann's fabric for the backing.

I also just finished another shawl.  I used the Sweet November pattern again (I first blogged about it here), but this time I added the Dory shawl edging instead of the fringe.
I have made 5 of these shawls since I learned how to crochet, and I think I'm about done now.  Not pictured are a gray one (a birthday present for my daughter) and a pink one (can't figure out where I put it, which is okay, because it's a dusty Victorian pink color, and should never come within 10 feet of my olive skin tone, and makes me look sickly).  I made them out of pima cotton, which is always great for the warmer months and they have a wonderful drape. 
Okay, I'm off to hit "Publish" and make a second pot of coffee.  Kris at Simplify,  has a post about growing out your hair, and now I'm in a quandary about a new hairstyle.  I've been letting my hair grow out for months now, and can finally get it in a (smallish) ponytail, but I really love short hair!  This hot weather is not helping my case, because it causes my hair to lay flat as a mattress, no matter how much product I put in it.  I'm starting to dread taking a shower, because then I have to wash and style this mop!  So I created a new Pinterest board for short hairstyles. 
  Now if only my stylist would guarantee she could make me look like Halle Berry or Sharon Stone, I might have a go at it.
I know women love to talk about their hair.  Are we ever happy with it?
Have at it in the comments : )


  1. That quilt is gorgeous and I'm loving those shawls. Think I will have to check out the crochet pattern! Thanks!

  2. Hi Lynne, the quilt is beautiful and the shawl with the edging is very nice just like the others you made.
    About the hair thing. I have cut my hair a few times, but I keep going back to long hair. I think I am a long hair person I don´t like short hair on me. But I can understand you want to get rid of it in the heat, and why not give it a try!

  3. Beautiful quilt! I have always had long/longish hair. This spring I needed a change... had my hairdresser cut it to my ears! I love it and do not regret it at all! I have gotten nothing but compliments on it ( except from the husband that loved it long. He'll get over it) It's been great all summer in the heat and humidity. I will not be going back to long hair as I am loving my cute short hair way too much! :)

  4. All your shawls are gorgeous. And I have serious quilt envy! I am trying to grow my hair out at the moment, it's driving me mad! I've got it tied in the world smallest ponytail and 1 million bobby pins! xx

  5. That quilt is just gorgeous! I love all the lollipop colors. As for the hair, I have never been happy with mine, and I just hate that about me. I've had enough friends lose their hair through chemo, you'd think I'd learn something.

  6. That quilt is so pretty! Such happy colors. Your shawl is so pretty. The hair thing is always hard for me. I feel like I have the same variation of hair style that I had in high school. No matter how often I try to change it, it always comes back to the same sort of style, which isn't much of a style.

    5 am??? Eek! Neat idea, though!

  7. Beautiful quilt Lynne, your quilts are always so nice.
    Love the shawls also, funny I just posted a request for a link to a shawl pattern then I pop over here & behold......a shawl :).
    Have been growing my hair also but I always feel it ages me so I'm off for a peek at your pinboard for inspiration
    Have a great weekend
    Karen xxxx

  8. Oh wow hon I absolutely love this quilt! I really, really love it! And thank you so much for showing this shawl. I have made this pattern and added the fringe, but I'm not a fringe girl so have never worn it. I am going to dig it out this morning and change it to a border. Fantastic idea - thank you!!!


  9. Beautiful quilt! I love all the bright colors. And the shawls were also very pretty. As for hair, I keep mine short as I can without looking like a boy. My hair is very fine and has not body so it lies flat to my head unless I do mousse. Well, that's what it use to do. After I started on a new med for my RA, I have developed waves. They have slowly moved up my head from the nape to the crown and around to the right side. Now if they will just keep moving over the top and to the left side I will be fine! It puts my hairdresser in stitches each time she cuts my hair.

  10. Hi Lynne,
    This post makes it abundantly clear that we could be BFF's!! Hot, humid weather has the opposite effect on my grows and poofs! I found growing it out has helped because I can throw it in a ponytail to tame it!!
    I LOVE your quilt!!!!!! Yummy fabric and perfect pattern!!!
    I bet you will end up making another shawl, they are too pretty not to!xoxo Debbie

  11. Very pretty quilt. I love getting up early and getting lots done.

  12. Very cool that you put an extra row around to make this quilt large. It looks terrific! Thanks much for the credit...

  13. Love the shawls - wish I knew how to crochet. My son is a high school senior too - eek! As for hair, I have always worn my hair long except for a brief time in the 70s when I tried a Dorothy Hamil "wedge". It did not look good and I will never cut it short again!

  14. As always, your quilt is spectacular. You inspire me, so much. And yes, I completely hate my hair, which is either wildly sproingy or utterly limp, depending on the relative humidity. I never know what I'll look like on a given day.

  15. The quilt is gorgeous and makes me feel ashamed that I struggle to get anything finished possibly because I ditther over fabric choice every time. One day...........! Philippa x


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