Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Moving along....

Daughter number 1 has been moved to her new home and job in Salinas (sniff), and now daughter number two is without a roommate and is moving back home for a bit.  The spare bedroom has to be cleaned out, and so I moved the twin bed from that room into my sewing room.  Turns out I like this arrangement!
Not only does this provide excellent napping opportunities, it's a great way to store my quilts.  I have about five of them layered on this bed, instead of folded in the cupboard.

The chevron scarf is finished and I really love it!  Now I want a strapless chiffon dress, and some big sunglasses.  I will wrap this around my neck a la Deborah Kerr or Grace Kelly and go for a ride along the coast in a convertible.
The sea spray and wind will whip my hair around my face like a cyclone....  Oh wait. My hair won't whip anymore...........

Because I cut it off!  Here it is, morning bed head hair, morning bags under my eyes, still in my pajamas, no bra (all cropped out for your viewing pleasure).  The pile of hair on the salon floor after the cut looked like a small dog.  It feels better, and I just saved about 15 minutes of bathroom styling time, which works out to a few quilt blocks or crochet rows.  Like this....

Half granny shawl in Noro.  Waiting for an edging.  I love this stuff!


  1. How nice for you to have the bed in your sewing room, now everybody that comes over can admire your quilts.
    I like the pink shawl you made and I can imagine you in a convertible wearing it.
    The new crochet project looks nice also, that yarn is stunning.

  2. Love the chevron scarf! Off to the salon myself in about an hour. I like the way you equated less hair-styling time with more crafting time!

  3. You have a delightful sense of humor.....made me smile! From what I can see your new style is great! Love the chevron scarf!

  4. I am sorry you are missing your girl! I know that feeling, and will be feeling it again here soon. It is hard.
    I love that pink scarf! And I love the quilts all layered on the bed!!! And I love the shawl you are currently working on!!!!!
    LOVE it!!!!
    I love your short do too!!!
    XO Kris

  5. uuuuh gorgeous scarf....very fine the dangly bits too. I hate a fringe on a sharf or shawl....for some reason finges annoy me!

    Look at all those colourful quilts....very practical when you get tired of the top one you just change it over for another!

    hello Lynne....there you are!!! you do know cropping all the real life bits is cheating ,don't you! LOL!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  6. Now I want a bed in my sewing room!! :) I like the way you think...saving time on styling hair to be used for crafting ummmm YES! Sorry you are missing your daughter, but you must be secretly happy to be getting one back, if only temporarily!! xoxo Debbie

  7. Love your scarf and your new short hair! I chopped mine off this past spring and never looked back! I love it short! Its so easy! :)

  8. lynne,
    that's a good idea for storing your quilts. oh, and i would really love to take a nap right now - lol.

  9. haha. Good for you for a new cut! Tho boohoo on daughter moving. Then again yay for new jobs! Boy what a mess of conflicted emotions this morning! (me, not you!)

  10. I love your pile of quilts Lynne! Can I come nap at your house? And the scarf turned out very Ooh~La~La indeed. Like your hair cut too! And I am loving the new work in progress. Gorgeous colorway in that yarn.

  11. Good for you. Love the new cut and saving time to crochet or quilt is always important. I love the pile of quilts also. That looks like a really cozy place to nap. :)


  12. I love your new 'do'!!! It looks gorgeous. I wish I could look that good first thing in the morning that's for sure! How perfect having the bed there to keep your quilts on. You can have a different look everyday swapping them around - perfect! There is a double bed in our spare room where my craft corner is. It gets the afternoon sun and I love sprawling out for a quick dose of vitamin D. I love your Noro project - fabulous colours.

    Have a fab week hon.

  13. Whoa, you've been busy! I love the short hair, bedhead and all. You'll look so chic in your movie star scarf. The granny shawl makes me want to delve deeply into my Noro stash and start hooking. You inspire me every time I visit here!

  14. Loving that pale pink lacy scarf, and agree it would be perfect in a Grace Kelly style scenario (as in To Catch a Thief!)- perfect for warm summer evenings on the Corniche with Cary!
    Also loving the Noro shawl - those colours........yum!
    Gill xx


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