Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mission Statement

I went on a road trip with my daughter for a few days.  She just got a new teaching position about 21/2 hours from here in the city of Salinas.  This is near the Monterey coast, just a bit inland, and the home of author John Steinbeck.  I helped her set up her classroom, we went shopping and did a little sightseeing.  The cool ocean air was a relief,  since our Sacramento valley is a frying pan between now and the end of September.  Old town Salinas was full of great shops and places to eat.
Here is Steinbeck house, now a gift shop and museum.  Salinas has a great mixture of Victorian style houses as well as Mexican adobes with red tiled roofs.

A few miles from town was the San Juan Bautista Mission.  So much of California's history is tied to the Missions, and they are always fun to visit.  Each one is different, but they all share beautiful gardens, cool dark interiors decorated with statues and artwork of Saints, and colorful stencils on white plaster walls.
 Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Here is the front altar.
The Baptismal font.
The gardens were full of olive trees, palm trees, roses, butterfly bush, hollyhocks and crepe myrtle.  I wish my yard looked like this.

The San Andreas earthquake fault runs right along this area, and there was a sign on the Mission wall stating that the building was not retrofitted, so you are basically entering at your own risk.  I crossed my fingers and said a prayer before I went in.
Father Junipero Serra led the way for the missions to be built in California.  The path that links all the missions is called the El Camino Real,  
See that tree to the right of the statue.  That is a pepper tree.  They get full of pretty clusters of red berries that the birds love to eat.  Remind me to plant one in my yard. 
A view of the fertile Salinas Valley from on top of the hill where the Mission is located.

I came home and dug through my books looking for John Steinbeck novels.  I found The Red Pony and think I will start it this week.
 It was nice to get back to my sewing room and pick up my yarn, as I was starting to have withdrawals.  I added a few more squares to the sampler I am making for the wise craft crochet along.

Thank you to Missy at Edith Florence, for the wonderful blog award!  Go on over and say hi, she is quite the friendly sort, and has a lovely blog too! I'm going to be glued to the television this week, watching the Olympics, and catching up on my crochet.  Have a great week!


  1. Love your pictures - very fun...

  2. hello Lynne,
    Great photos! I do enjoy being able to see where other people live or as is the case where your daughter is moving too. On the other side of the Ocean but here I am walking through(virtually) Salinas!!!
    Totally agree with your commnets on Missy and her blog. I've been a follower for a few months now and I thoroughly enjoy reading her posts and her humor and wit.

    Don't forget Lynne my giveaway is now on the go and its open to everybody and that means my bloggerfriends over the pond - pop in when you can :-)

    Amanda :-)

  3. I love the photos, especially the sunshine. It's been pouring with rain here. I too have been glued to the Olympics, especially the women's cycling road race. I felt so sorry for them cycling in that awful rain but so very proud of our girl winning the silver. Well done all the ladies for cycling such a very, very long way. I wish I could.
    I was meant to be out in my studio working but I couldn't tear myself away from the Olympic coverage on television. Philippa x

    1. Yes, the games are so exciting and very distracting! The tv has been on in the background constantly. Love it!

  4. Hi Lynne! I have so much to say. First....the pics are beautiful. Our son went to Cal State Monterey. Although, he didn't make it past his first semester. He hated it. But I sure loved going up there when we moved him in and visited one time. Such a pretty area. Love the central coast!
    LOVE your sampler squares!!
    And I don't know how I have missed so many of your posts, but I adore that quilt you just finished! AND the table runner and napkins!!! Those are the perfect kind of thing to practice your free motion quilting on too!! Not too big, and great for learning and getting the feel for free motion.
    We have so much in common, it is probably a good thing we don't live near one another!!! We would be in trouble all the time!!!
    Love the toes too!!
    XO Kris

  5. Salinas, my hometown. I graduated from North Monterey County High School which is located smack dab in the middle of the artichoke fields of Castroville. It's a beautiful area full of history and culture. I'm sure your daughter will find it enjoyable. Congrats on her new job and thanks for the trip down memory lane. :)

    1. Ooooh artichokes yum! Our friends live beside broccoli fields! I love the area and am glad she is moving there so we can go visit her.

  6. I love California SO much--all that shimmery heat hanging over the brown scrub, and cool purple hills in the distance. Love love love. LOVE. Steinbeck. East of Eden. Read that. ;)

    Congratulations to your daughter--she's a teacher! That's awesome.


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!