Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pretty in Pink

This is the One Skein Chevron Scarf that I found on Ravelry.  It should really be called the Lickety-Split scarf because it makes up super fast.  Even using MadTosh Merino light with a G hook is not slowing me down.  It should be finished by tomorrow.
 I bought this yarn last year and was a little bit disappointed when I got it in the mail, because I thought it was too pinky for me.  I tried out two different patterns with it, and ripped them both out.  This one just feels right.  And it doesn't seem too pink as a scarf.  Or maybe I'm just getting used to looking at it.  The color is called Molly Ringwald.
I would like to make it again, but wider and wear it as a wrap.  It's incredibly soft to the touch.  Still haven't decided how much I'm going to block it out.

Here is some cute material, found on sale at Joann's.  It's Market Stalls from Alexander Henry collection.
I was there to buy backing fabric for a new quilt I am about to finish.  Here is a peek....
How old is that young woman on the cover?  Does she have her drivers license yet?  I feel all of my 53 years looking at her, but I'm learning a lot from this young whipper snapper about free motion quilting.
 The other book is just quilting eye candy.  There are several quilts in here I like, but they will have to get to the back of the long line of "things I want to make"  dancing around in my head.

The next 6 days are supposed to be over 100 degrees.  Yay me.  Even the pool will be hot.
 Whoever invented air conditioning,  I love you right now.


  1. I laughed out loud when I read the name of the color pink :) The scarf is so pretty and I CANNOT wait to see that quilt!

  2. You had me giggling on this one!!! I love the pink yarn, first of all. And the pattern!! Do share!
    I love your fabric, and the books I will have to look for. I cracked up when you said you feel all of your 53 years!! I was at Noah's Kindergarten information day yesterday with my daughter and Noah's Dad, and we were in the multi use room for a PTA presentation. The principal came around to meet all of us. I shook his hand, thinking, my gosh, is he even 21!!!! Wow...child doctors, child principals, child authors, child teachers.....yikes. A gal does feel old sometimes!!!
    It is a hot mother chicken here!!! Too hot for anything but swimming!!
    XO Kris

  3. The pink is lovely! and great RE: your new books! I'm anxious to start working through the fmq one too!

  4. I'm not a "pink" lady either but sometimes it is just a case of finding the right pattern for the right yarn and then all will be right with the world again. The W.I.P. quilt looks great. Philippa xx

  5. I LOVE that scarf! The color looks like cotton candy. Your quilt sneak peek looks great, too! I can't wait to see more. Love that backing fabric! LOL at the young whipper snapper comment. I still think I'm 14, until I look in the mirror and the crypt keeper screams back at me.

  6. The scarf looks really pretty. What a strange name for the colour, made me think of the film The Breakfast Club. Yes, the woman in the photo looks young. Just what I thought when I went to the bank the other day and thought the boy who served me should still be at school. We're showing our age. Enjoy your lovely weather and the pool, so jealous !
    Ali x

  7. LOVELY Scarf! That girl on the cover must be twelve years old! I know what you mean I am feeling all of my 55 years! Have a great day.
    Eileen :)

  8. I am so thrilled to find a blogger slightly over the age of 30. What a pleasure, and I am also thrilled to read about knitting/crocheting and quilting from someone closer to my age.

  9. I really love your way with color--juicy and bright, tempered with just the right amount of neutral. Bliss. You always make me want to start another quilt. :)

  10. Lovely scarf! The pattern is perfect for your yarn.I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt! The heat has me completely worn out!! Looking forward to January!!

  11. Just had a blast browsing around your blog! LOVE your low-vol log cabin, and what you're doing with the rescued hexie quilt, et., etc. Looking forward to following you!

  12. I totally agree with the A/C comment. It is over 100 degrees here too, and next Monday the electric company is planning a power outage...all for some upgrades!!

    I am not a big pink fan either, but that is a nice shade. It is very pretty scarf. You must have lots of patience as the delicacy is clear in the photos.

    blessings, jill

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  13. Hi Lynne, I have been on holiday so am having a lovely time catching up on all your beautiful posts! I adore your chevron scarf and will most definitely add that to my to-make list. I do love the odd fast project between long-winded blanket making. Your quilt looks fantastic - I can't wait to see more of it. You are soooooo clever.

    Have a fabulous weekend hon. See you again soon.

  14. Ooooo, loving that scarf- the colour is really cute and not too pink (I know what you mean about pink!)
    Have a great week.


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