Saturday, April 21, 2012

A pieceful spring

There are usually three events that occur at my house every year to let us know that spring has arrived.
Event #1   Plant tomatoes

Since I'm not allowed to lift a shovel, I just sat on the sidelines and took pictures of middle daughter putting in the plants, while I dictated instructions.  I tried not to sound too bossy ; )  I love this planting part.  Followed closely by the eating of the tomatoes part.  Of course she had a little help.

Event # 2  Opening day at the pool
This crazy dog will get in and just sit on the top step the minute the outside temperature reaches above 75 degrees.  Never mind that the water temp. is probably only in the 50's, he is all about taking a dip.  We also have a black Labrador retriever, who you will not find in the picture, because he hates the water.  If you turn on the garden hose he will run to the next county.  I know.  Weird.

Event # 3  The Swallow Games

They're baaaaaaaack!  I love birds, ( I even own a very good pair of Nikon binoculars that were chosen specifically for birding) but these swallows are a thorn in my rear end.  See that one up there wants to make a little mud nest under my patio.  How cute right?  WRONG.  Bad birdie. Go find a barn or a freeway overpass.  I've  been told that swallows are on the endangered list, though I can hardly believe it, there are millions zipping around here every spring.  Not only are the nests messy, but the dive bombing, pooping little rascals create a whole unpleasant atmosphere on my patio.  Not fun.
 You see if I let him stay, not only will he be back next year, he will bring his friends.  And those friends will come back and bring more friends, until the whole patio is filled up like a swallow condo time share.  There is over 30 feet of prime swallow nesting up there.  No. Way.
Now I would never harm them (or their eggs or babies),  but I don't want them around, so I have to make sure we knock down their nest before it's built.  Every time they add mud, we get out the hose or broom and remove their handiwork.  And on and on it goes to see who will give up first.  Usually after a few weeks they take off to find another spot.  Yay we win!  Until next spring when they try again.


  1. I love the pic of your dog in the pool, he looks very relaxed. My mom in law feeds the pigeons at her house which drives my dad in law crazy because of the nests and bird poop, so I am sure he would be on your side about the bad birdies. xx

  2. Oh how I like the idea of supervising while one of our offspring does a job! You have much better luck than me with getting that to work! Mine sit back and watch me.
    Lovely pool and lovely little doggie!
    Hope you're back to full fitness soon but in the meantime find plenty of jobs for those kids!

  3. Well done for getting your daughter to plant your tomatoes. My daughter would just tell me she doesn't want to get dirty, and anyway she doesn't like tomatoes, so why should she help? Sigh.

    I hope you win the war with the swallows. We fight a similar battle with house finches, who would like to turn my porch into a squawking, poo-riddled, mudhole. No thanks.

    Looks beautiful there--enjoy! :)

  4. Guess what comes to nest in my front bedroom walls every spring.......Bats!!!!!!
    Wanna swap :)
    Lol Karen x


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