Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIPs, UFOs and BOMs

When I saw Cuckoo's post about her WIPs,  I though it was high time I at least made a list of what I've been working on.  I need to get this stuff out in the open.  Sometimes projects have a way of gathering in dark closets, under beds, and on top of shelves (Right.  Like they put themselves there).   Most of what I have are Works in Progress.  I am actually working on them (ahem). 
I made 2 quilt tops last week.  The big one measures 68x68, the mini me version is 32x32.  I used up my Heirloom by Joel Dewberry fat quarters.  The pattern is from In Color Order, and was honestly the quickest quilt top I've ever made.  The little one is currently getting some hand quilting, the big one is waiting for a backing fabric.

Here is a crochet project that went from blanket to cushion cover in 5.3 seconds.  I'm just not feeling it.
This will be South Bay shawlette in a gray Tahki cotton.  I saw one similar on Pinterest.   It's still in the early stages, and hasn't imprinted on me yet, so I wouldn't feel guilty about ripping it out and flinging the yarn back into the pile. 
More neutral crochet, this being something that is actually finished, but just needs a belt to complete the look.  I won't show you more than this, if it turns out ugly then you didn't see it here.  Just check out the inspiration over at Resurrection Fern. (scroll all the way to the bottom on this one until you find the bag.  It's a long post)
Here is an UnFinished Object, or UFO.  I've given up on my Swoon quilt for the moment, at least out of the fat quarter bundle I had planned on using.
The measurements for cutting are so tight when using a fat quarter, there is NO margin for error, which of course is why I'm talking about it.  I blew it on the first block.  If your fat quarters are cut wonky, you can't use them.  Better to make this with yardage.  Maybe I will have a go at this later.  I also have 2 crochet blanket UFOs not pictured here, and will probably wait until I actually finish them before posting a picture.

More crochet WIPs, this time using up a big pile of Stylecraft DK, that has been lurking in the back of my closet.  Very bright and colorful.  I'm almost thinking there should be a neutral or white in there somewhere for the eyes to rest. The hexagons are big, about 7.5 inches across, so the blanket comes together quickly.  The pattern is from the July/August edition of Crochet Today magazine.
Only two more things, I promise, then you can go.  I'm cross stitching a pillow cover on blue and white gingham.  The pattern is from Embroidery Companion by Alicia Paulson.  Gosh I love this book.
This is really fun, although I think I do neater work on linen or an even weave fabric.  My stitches are kind of all over the place, so we'll just call it charming and old fashioned.

Have you ever joined a BOM, or Block Of the Month?   I should never, ever be allowed to sign up for one of these again.  Ever.  I am really bad at this.  Last year I joined a Sue Spargo BOM, and I worked like gangbusters the first three months.  After that, whenever I received my new packet in the mail for that month, it went into a box.  I don't know what happened!  It was supposed to be finished up for Christmas.  Besides feeling guilty, this thing cost some $$$$'s.!!  Must. Finish. !!

  I really enjoy her web site. This pattern is done in wools, cottons, and velvet, with lots of little embellishments and embroidery.  Now that I've taken it out and looked it over, I want to work on it again!
O k, I'm done.  For now.  But there is this one other closet...........


  1. It looks like you will be very busy!
    Katrin W.

  2. Wowee Lynne what a load you have on the go... I get bored easily and like you stash things away and hope and pray I will be inspired again someday. I love your BOM, too gorgeous and your cross stitch and quilting is gorgeous too. Oh no I think I might need to start another project! :0)

  3. Love the colors you are using for the handstitching! And the crochet hexies are wonderful! Lots of things to keep you busy!

  4. Wow, your project pile is huge! Wait, you made two quilt tops last week? Girl, that's amazing. Loving the fabrics, too!

  5. So many happy projects in the works! Love it! The felt/embroidery that you featured last was my favorite. So soft and friendly looking. Very nice!


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