Saturday, February 11, 2012

A bit of this and that.

Finally getting caught up reading blog posts and soaking up all the great inspiration.  Wow, everyone has been so busy!  A special thank you to Beck to Vintage for the Versatile Blogger award.  What a nice surprise!  Thank you Beck!  I'm starting off my weekend with my favorite Ribolita soup, perfect for a chilly winter lunch or dinner.
And for breakfast check out these Muffins that taste like Donuts.  Never mind, don't wait for breakfast. Just the name of them made me bust out the mixing bowls.  I guarantee you have everything you need to make these, right now.
 After they come out of the oven, dip them in melted butter and then a cinnamon/sugar mixture.
Go make some right now!  And some tea!  Yummmy!
I'm so behind on Downton Abbey, that I stayed up late last night to finish season one.  I just love the colors and the costumes.  It's hard to crochet and watch at the same time.  But I finally finished the giant granny I started way back in October.
This is for my son, who has has been very patient while I started and finished a million other projects instead of concentrating on his blanket.  Please forgive me son.  I am easily distracted by pretty, crafty things.  Just have to weave in a few more ends.
And I really, really, wish Denyse Schmidt would just slow down for 5 minutes, because she keeps coming up with more great fabric, with which I am truly smitten, and then am forced to start a new quilt top in the middle of everything else. Whew!
I know.  My life is so rough  : )


  1. Whaat? Muffins that taste like donuts? I am so there. You could dip your seam ripper in butter and sugar and I would eat it...

    I can already tell that I love that quilt.

  2. I like, like, like your sons Giant Granny! The colours are perfect for a man! And hey, not even 4 month isn´t that long for such a big blanket!

  3. I LOVE that 'muffin' recipe! They are so good - one of our family favs!!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!