Wednesday, April 8, 2015


This quilt top was finished way back here.  It's the first of four needing to be quilted, and I'm happy to say there are now only 3 left in the cupboard waiting their turn.  Inspired by the comforters over at S.O.T.A.K. Handmade, I ignored my stash of Warm and Natural batting, and went with polyester this time around.  I usually prefer wool batting over everything else out there, but it's pricier than cotton batting and has a definite poof factor, not always practical for some quilts.  This polyester batting (Soft n Crafty) has poof to spare.
my lilac bush back there just exploded a few days ago. it smells amazing.

Because it has a 3/4 inch loft, it's probably best to keep the quilting to a minimum, and I imagine it would be great for tying.  I kept flipping it over expecting to see lots of puckering, but it went quite smoothly.
Sorry about the blinding light colored fabrics.  The sun was either behind clouds and it was dark, or it would pop out and burn your eyeballs. My son spared me 5 minutes out of his busy couch schedule to hold it up and I had to take what I could get, when I could get it.

What I'm working on next.
 See ya.....


  1. The batting sure makes it soft and comfy looking! How big a difference in price is the cotton vs the wool batting? Here in Australia they are both a similar price (expensive!)

  2. Beautiful piece of work ..... I like it very much !!!! Good luck with the next one ... Have a creative day !

  3. The QST is lovely, I'm not normally a great fan of them but that's changed my mind!!! The tessellated stars are fab, one of my fave designs!

  4. Now that's a quilt to be proud of!

  5. It was nice of your son to give up five minutes for you ; ) tell him I say thanks.....
    Cute quilt and I like the look of your next project

  6. What a nice finish, and it doesn´t have to be cotton batting all the time. I like to use it in baby quilts, and otherwise the cheeper stuff is okay with me.

  7. Great finish! I love a scrappy quilt. It looks soft and comfy! I used to use polyester batting all the time, now I usually use cotton.

  8. It is gorgeous!!! I love the colors and the beautiful poof!


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