Saturday, April 18, 2015

Not a quilt

Almost a quilt but not quite.

But just as fun.

I worked in the yard again yesterday and I'm pooped.  It's been hot here and I was feeling lazy today so I took a nap with the ceiling fan twirling slowly above me, the curtains closed to the heat.  I had been trimming up some shrubs in the backyard near the patio (and cleaned the patio while I was at it), and found one of my good forks buried in the dirt.  I have no idea.  Must have been one helluva party.
 Anyway, I finished up these place mats inspired by the ones I saw here.  I really liked the way they turned out.  I used American Made cotton (light khaki) for the background and the yellow and red blocks.  The rest is stash.
I also ordered some low volume fabric from Sunny Day Supply Fabric shop.  I love getting packages in the mail wrapped up all cute like this...
That little bit on the top contained some ribbon and a couple of buttons. Such a nice touch.  Something you don't get when ordering from a major chain store.
My baseball scarf is crawling along.  I was changing colors every couple of rows and was not happy with my knitting(actually the knitting part was fine, the color changes sucked very hard)  I ripped it back and started over 3 different times, then decided I wasn't having any fun so I switched to crochet.  I'll put up a picture next time, after a few more games and color changes.
I haven't crocheted anything in a while and I miss it.  I have a couple of blankets that need finishing, but you know how that goes. Meh. I'd rather start something new.  Any ideas?


  1. Such sweet parcels of fabric from Sunny Day Supply! Mary and her sister do a great job, don't they? Your placemats are wonderful too! I think you had fun trying out different types of quilting on these too! Enjoy the sunshine- our winter has seemed to come early!

  2. Love the placemats! My crochet stalled - a lady at church started off a fingerless glove for me (just going to be a tube). She put on 36 stitches - I've done two inches and have 29 left!

  3. Your placements are perfect, love them. And so is your new fabric. I think you were so right to switch to crochet. I made and Ohio State scarf for my son, and the color changes always show up on one side, with crochet it looks so much cleaner.


  4. The table mats look great, and the pattern would in deed make a great quilt also!

  5. Great placemats! Your table looks lovely. The fork!!! That made me laugh hard. Been there.


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!