Monday, June 23, 2014

Two weeks later....

It's been anything but peaceful here at pieceful.  My son is home from college, so that means more food shopping and cooking (man, that kid can eat!), and the parade of 18/19 year old friends to and from the pool and pantry has officially begun. On the making front, it seems as though I'm starting more things than finishing, but it's fun to dabble in new stuff.  Like this flowering snowball block found over on Molly Flanders Makerie.
The curved seams weren't too bad, and the template works up to a 12 inch block.  I also tried  making one by paper piecing with a smaller template, but it turned out like crap. In fact it looks like my dog made it.  The 9 inch template I used needs to be tweaked a bit.  If I make more, I think I 'll stick to machine piecing.

I started some big chunky, fabric inspired granny squares. It's hard to stay away from the granny when the mood strikes, even if you have a thousand other things going on.
And another Haiku shawl is on the hook, this time in pink.  When I finished the gray one, I thought Awwww, it's done.  I wanted to keep going. I missed it. Kinda like when you finish a good book and you think about the story and the characters for days after.  Yeah, it's like that.
I did put together the quilt top I have been working on for weeks.  I really enjoyed looking at this one up on the design wall and took my sweet time putting it together.  It's very simple really, just HST's made from scraps, but this is my absolute favorite kind of quilt.  I'm thinking wool batting and either hand quilting or tying this one.  It says "farmhouse" to me, something you see on the porch swing or on a bed in the attic at grandma's house.  It measures 60x60. 

Oh and I managed to squeeze in a bit of thrift store shopping. These are possibly going in a bathroom that's being painted.  I'm going for a cottage look, with pedestal sinks and white bead board paneling.  Maybe I'll add my crochet rag rug, which is about 3/4's of the way done.
There.  I think that's enough to keep me busy for a while.


  1. All that sounds--and looks--completely wonderful. I'm crazy about that quilt top you've got there, and I hear you about the grannies. They are so compelling, no matter what's burning on the stove. What lovely, soft colors you have going. :)

  2. Lovely to have your boy back! The farmhouse quilt is lovely, I'm not a great fan of HSTs but that's a super arrangement

  3. I really, really, really like what you are showing today. You always find the nicest new projects and we seem to like the same things, is it sewing or crocheting, all is just down my alley.

  4. Everything looks so lovely and testifies to your wonderful eye for colour!

    Cooking for children? It's a full-time job!

    Warm wishes,


  5. I love it when my son is home, I miss all his friends when he is gone, it is like it is supposed to be with all of them laughing and tramping about. Love your quilts and all of your beautiful crochet, the shawl is amazing.

  6. Yes yes the quilt looks like gramma's house. It's wonderful. That bird and wheel fabric under your crochet pretty much has me drooling!

  7. I haven't crocheted in some time but the granny squares are tempting. I just came home with yarn for a wrap though.
    The quilt does say farmhouse. It would be great either hand quilted or tied.

  8. Wonderful projects Lynne. I especially like the grannies, of course. Good luck with the adult kiddos!


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!