Monday, October 28, 2013

Prairie quilt finish

The last few days have been spent watching the World Series while finishing this quilt.  I don't think I have enjoyed myself this much in quite some time.  I only wish the games were a little more exciting.  Besides one weird obstruction rule call, and last nights home run, there hasn't been too much worth noting.  Oh yeah, and I wish these guys would shave. What's up with the beards?  They all look like they came from the set of Duck Dynasty, not Major League athletes.  Still I hope they go the full 7 games.  I hate to see baseball season end.
This  quilt was made by pulling from my scrap bin, using "blendy" muted fabrics.  The resulting blocks fly in the face of the modern, high contrast look so popular in quilting these days.
I love all the new fabrics, but a scrappy pieced quilt, a la Little House on the Prairie, using up what you have, still pulls at my heartstrings.  I didn't use a pattern, just put the blocks together with lattice and posts.  It measures 50x60 inches.
The backing is a queen sized bed sheet full of peachy/pink roses, found at the thrift store. The binding was a fabric from JoAnns.  I also used Aurifil thread in the color Sand (50wt.) to quilt it.  Despite my fancy machine (not always better, although I do love the automatic needle down, and thread cutter), it constantly gives me grief.  I have taken it to the shop repeatedly, but still have to re-thread, or take out the bobbin and put it back in, several times during a project.
Anyway my machine LOVED the Aurifil thread, and I was able to quilt without a hitch. For the record, I usually use Gutermann or Mettler thread for everything.  Despite success with the thread change, I want to get a Singer featherweight 221 for Christmas.  When I asked about the Singer at my LQS, the lady there (who knows me) said "You mean you don't have one?" Like I was missing out on something BIG.  Being a complete sewing geek, now all of a sudden I need one.  My husband (Santa) has been given the particulars and he's off on a mission.
We finally have cooler weather, and I'm trying to make a pot of soup a week.  Last week was a chicken broth based soup with cheese tortellini, fresh spinach, basil, and a can of diced tomatoes thrown in.  Lots of garlic.  Yummm.  This week is sausage, potato and kale.  More garlic. A splash of cream at the end puts it right over the top.  Here is the recipe.
By the way, the crochet piece I made to match the quilt has been turned into a cushion.  Since I have 4 crochet blankets in the works already, I just didn't have another one in me.  I'm sewing it together now, so it should show up in the next post.
I'm off to rake up all the redwood tree droppings you see in the pictures above. Unless it rains.  Then I'm back to the sewing room. Wouldn't that be just horrible.


  1. LOL!! Go BoSox...I thought the same thing...they all escaped from Duck Dynasty, or maybe they all were once part of ZZTopp?????
    Your quilt is perfection, and I hope Santa brings you a Singer Featherweight. I don't have one either :)
    Have a wonderful week, and may the series go to 7!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful quilt!! I'm in a scrappy mode now and love seeing them. Lovely photos.

  3. Oh Lynne! I think this is my favorite of your quilts so far! I REALLY love it. The muted colors hanging in front of the widow with the sun shining through them cozy, warm and happy. The backing is GORGEOUS! What do you do with these lovely creations? Fill your home with them or give them as gifts or sell some?
    And ~ AMEN ~ to the wishing they would shave!!!
    My husband said they look like a bunch of mountain men with those gnarly beards. ICK!
    What kind of soup is on next?
    I am a soup lover!
    Have a great week,

    1. Hi Danette! I give some away for charity raffles or family presents. Right now, I have too many hanging around. I thought I would set out a pile at Thanksgiving, and let whoever wants to, take one home with them (we usually have a large crowd here).
      I'm thinking split pea soup next week, going back to my Canadian roots :)

  4. That's another pretty quilt, Lynne! Love it. I was just thinking of making more soups in the next couple of months. My pants are getting tight again. Time for more soups and salads! :-(

  5. Very pretty Lynne. So gentle looking in colour. It's beautiful

  6. Lynne, that quilt is just so gorgeous. I am so in awe of those of you who can quilt. I do not have the patience. You paint with fabric, amazing. Oh and yummy soup!

  7. It's a beautiful quilt Lynne! I love the soft colours and classic design, so pretty.
    Soups sound yummy, will check out the link.
    We're into soups here too and have a chicken carcass from our sunday roast ready to boil up for stock today to make into risotto and soups.
    Gill xx

  8. What a lovely finish! Very nice. And those soups sound delish - off to print that recipe!

  9. The new quilt is very pretty, I like the backing too, it matches perfectly.

  10. Beautiful quilt!! I too, hate to see baseball season end! We were so pulling for our boys in blue!!! The Dodgers is our team.
    I hate those beards too. Ugh....shave already!!!!
    : ) Kris

  11. Gorgeous lookin' soup, your quilt is (as always) absolutely beautiful, and I couldn't agree more re: the bearded weirdos.

    I say leave the redwood droppings where they lay, and call it mulch. :)


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