Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall field trip

Every fall I try to visit Phillips Farms in Lodi, also home to the Michael David Winery.  Outside, I usually grab a wheelbarrow and load it up with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. Then it's on to the cutting garden (see my header pic), where you can pick your own bouquets.  Inside, they serve lunch and have a wine tasting bar (this is why my daughter decided to join me.)  I made her pay by posing for a picture.
Besides pumpkins and flowers, we left with a bottle of wine, heirloom tomatoes, a hunk of raw milk cheese, and the best ever blackberry/peach pie, which we ate that night for desert, and finished off the next morning for breakfast.  I keep thinking about that damn pie. I want to go back and get another one.  I'm having pie withdrawals.  Pie dreams.  Please sir, may I have some more...pie?
The first three letters of my blog spell Pie.
Good grief.  No wonder my jeans are getting tight.
Afterwards we went into town and stopped at a lovely shop called the Antiquarium.  I bought a few handmade decorating goodies.

Check out this pumpkin.  There were so many to choose from, all made using home decorator fabrics and embellished in the most creative ways.
This one is made from a linen blend material and has a champagne cork for a stem. Kind of sophisticated for a squash wouldn't you say?

Despite all this galavanting about, I did manage to finish a small embroidery piece.  It's a free pattern from here, as seen on T.V.  Pinterest.

I trimmed the finished square to 8 1/2 inches, and added 2 1/2 inch triangles to the corners, creating a snowball block. Then I sewed on 3 1/2 inch borders.  Whoopie!  Christmas pillow in October.  Done.


  1. Great photos. Don't you just hate it when your mind gets fixated on a type of food. I love your Christmas cushion, it is so cute.

  2. I love outings like that : ) Hubby and I went last week. Looks like a fun place

  3. What fun!! I love your photos! The header pic with the flowers is beautiful too!
    Looks like a fun shop you visited too! And I love your snowman stitchery!!!
    xo Kris

  4. what great shopping adventures! i don't think there are any shops/farms like that here

  5. I love a good pumpkin patch and yours sounds like it was fantastic. I would love to visit a field of flowers that I could pick my own bouquet, it sounds like a great day.

  6. What a sweet handmade Christmas pillow! Love the snowman. Your new header picture is gorgeous.

  7. I've been a terrible blogger and reader lately. I have to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading through your posts! So many beautiful photos and lovely projects!! .......love the corks used for pumpkin stems.....


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