Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Truth or Dare


I finished the crochet pillow that goes with the quilt shown in the previous post. It would be nice to have a whole blanket out of these muted colors, but it was not meant to be.  This was a stash buster project, and I would have to buy more yarn to make it blanket size, which kind of defeats the whole purpose of stash busting. 

It's Halloween.  We have lived here 11 years, and have never had a child come to our door for treats.
Maybe it's because they don't dare come down THE ROAD!......
This is the road to our house.  We live way down at the end through the white picket fence where you can see those tall redwood trees.  This small road connects to the main road, where I'm standing taking this picture.  I like the privacy out here in the country, but it's hell bringing down the garbage cans.
Our first Halloween in this house, I bought bags of candy to give out, just in case.   But no one came, and we ended up eating all the candy ourselves, yelling "Trick or Treat" to each other when we stuck our hand in the bowl, and I haven't bought any since.
If there are any kids out there who want to brave this road on Halloween night with nothing to guide you but the light of the moon, the shinning eyes of opossums through the pine trees, the heavy breathing of raccoons (yes, they do that!) and the howl of coyotes,  I will bake you a whole cake!
I dare you.

  Normal porch at the end of the scary road.
                                                                Happy Halloween!!!!!


  1. ...Love love love the cushion, beautiful soft muted

  2. We get sooooo many trick or treater's I usually run out of candy. Do you want some of mine?

    Love your pillow.

  3. The colors in your pillow are just perfect for that quilt! They look great together!

  4. Good heavens! I got chills just thinking about walking that road

  5. The pillow matches the new patchwork quilt very well. You don´t need a crochet blanket anyway, you have the perfekt addition with the quilt you just finished.

  6. Your pillow is very gentle and calming, beautiful xox Penny

  7. We don't get any hallowe'en callers either....I think they are more scared of my husband. Your cushion looks lovely. I think you are showing great restraint in not going out to get more yarn to make a matching blanket. Philippa xx

  8. I love your pillow and prairie quilt - it reminds me of a "blended" quilt. Cool road down to your house, too. I love seeing where people live!


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