Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In sickness and in health

My husband and I are both sick.   You know when one spouse gets sick, the other (who is not sick) usually gets their back, as in "Can I get you some soup or a Popsicle?  Maybe something from the store, my dearest cream puff?"
Not here.  We spent the last couple of days meeting up in the kitchen, squinting at each other through puffy eyes, comparing symptoms, whining about our body aches and sore throats, not able to have a complete conversation without lapsing into fits of coughing.  It feels like a competition.  So annoying.
Then the poor husband had to get on a plane this morning for L.A.  I hope his congested head didn't explode at 30,000 feet. Meanwhile I took my daughter to get her car repaired and we stopped at the Dancing Fox for breakfast.  We completely destroyed some eggs and a plate of waffles.  Feed a cold, starve a fever, right?

I want to bring their outdoor seating area home with me.

Back home in the sewing room, slow progress is being made on the prairie quilt blocks.
Hmmmmm.  They are all starting to look the same to me.  Will need to add some un-pieced squares to break it up me thinks.
Crocheting however has been going full speed ahead.  The large 20 round granny blocks are coming along nicely, chewing up my scraps of yarn.  I have 4 1/2 blocks done out of 9, so I'm halfway there.

 When I'm tired of grannying (is there such a thing of being tired of making grannies?), I switch it over to this blanket.

  Something that has wanted to be made for a long time.  I just love the simple pattern, the colors and the rhythm of the hook.  I'll post more about it next time.


  1. Sorry your both ill, looks like I have the same bug, lucky im the only one porely in my household. Hope you both better soon rest up, lovely crochet and patchwork too x

  2. Seeing your beautiful crochet projects makes me want to get busy on mine. Lovely place for breakfast! Hope you're all 100% soon!

  3. Oh my heart. LOOK at that beautiful eatery. I'd be there for every meal. So pretty.

  4. Hope you will feel better soon, so you can go back to all your beautiful projects.

  5. Oh dear....poor poor you, i hope you both feel better soon......and no' it isnt possible to get sick of grannies...xx

  6. Oh you poor thing, being sick is bad enough but being sick while your husband is sick is horrible. At least you get some time to yourself so you can crochet and sew.

    Rest up my friend,

  7. Oh Lynne you poor old sausage. I hope you're feeling better soon! I adore your new blanket - the stitch looks fantastic. I'd love to know what it is if you have time. I have been making a granny square blanket which has been finished now (other than the pesky tidying of ends) and another ripple but am on the hunt for a different blanket pattern and yours is stunning!!

    It's so lovely to finally grab a few minutes to catch up on your gorgeous blog. I haven't really done anything bloggy since July, eeeek, but am slowly getting back into it.

    Take care,

  8. Poor you and your hb....I hope you are both feeling much better now. Loved seeing your daughter's outdoor seating, it is beautiful. Loved seeing your quilt blocks and pretty crochet too.....I like to alternate between projects as well :)
    Take care.
    Helen x

  9. Goodness, I love every picture in this post--fadey quilt blocks, granny squares, the cutest restaurant I've ever seen, and waffles! I'm wallowing it in all. Sorry you're sick, and and I hope you could still taste your fabulous breakfast. :)


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