Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Catching up

Wow.  It's been a while since I posted.  I was in Monterey again this past weekend with my girls for a birthday.  We shopped in beautiful Carmel, tried a few new (to us) restaurants hoping for really good food.  Sadly, the best thing I ate was a cream cheese croissant and mocha from a coffee shop.  Two of us had a stomach virus, the other had hives and was on antihistamines all weekend.  I  barely took out my camera, so all I came back with was this....
 and this.....
Yeah that about sums up our weekend.  But it was good to get away and we enjoyed being together.  The top photo was of a small outdoor shopping center which was very pretty and very busy.  There were signs on the shop doors which said "No baby strollers", and "No food or drink", however, you were allowed to bring your dogs in.  I'm not kidding.  There were dogs everywhere.  I walked into Anthropologie to find a very large Bernese Mountain dog, sitting with his owner waiting for the wife.
All the dogs were leashed, very well behaved and very purebred.  It was like stepping into the ring at the Eukanuba dog show, or watching Best in Show.
When I came home, I went right into the old sewing room and finished my second candy dish quilt.

I really like the colors on this one and how the top of the candy dish blends into the background fabric.
Thank you all for the great suggestions on my white crocheted blanket!  I'm still toying around with a few ideas, but I'm hoping for a good finish.  Meanwhile I have been working on a pillow.  Usually I start out making a blanket, get bored and turn it into a pillow.  This time I started out making a pillow and I want to turn it into a blanket.  Ha! there is just no satisfying a hooker.


  1. Oh no, I bet you had big plans for your weekend.
    I like the blanket you are working on, a giant granny is nice to make, and you will see it will grow fast. The table runner is very nice, I like the colours.

  2. You will love your granny blanket. Just keep plugging along and it will get there. Your girls are beautiful! Glad you got to spend some time with them. I have a link I'm sending you in an email. Thought of you when I saw it. Have a lovely week!

  3. Oh sorry to hear you weren't feeling well while in Carmel. Such a neat little place to shop!!! I love the candy dish runner! And your crochet!!!
    Hope you are feeling much better by now!
    xo Kris

  4. Your girls are so pretty! I had to laugh at the signs that said strollers weren't allowed but dogs were. I love the candy dish quilt--I have a thing for basket quilts. Great colors! Your crocheted blanket is so pretty, too.

  5. What a bummer to be sick in Carmel. Well, as my husband always says whenever something heinous happens to a vacation, at least you were together.

    Beautiful grannies--looking forward to that reveal, big time. :)

  6. As someone who visits Carmel alot....I had to giggle at your comments. I LOVE dogs, but I am NOT fond of the dogs in stores and cafes. Ask me how I feel about dogs in strollers (G)!!!!! Seriously, I think it is all a bit MUCH!!! XXX


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!