Saturday, April 20, 2013

Candy dish

I finished the Candy Dish table runner yesterday while glued to the television watching the manhunt in Boston.  I was glad to keep my hands busy. 
I used some civil war prints, French General for the background and a few scraps from my stash.  It was machine quilted in a grid pattern and measures 15x29.  I'm hoping to finish up the second one this weekend.
Meanwhile, I think we've skipped Spring and landed in the middle of Summer.  I cleaned up the backyard and porch a few days ago, so I am ready! 
I had to wipe down the patio furniture so there would be a clean spot for the Mandala.  Imagine one little bit of colorful crochet inspiring all that cleaning!  


  1. Lovely table runner! Your photos are beautiful.

  2. I watched that a bit too. Such a sad event. Your backyard looks so peaceful. I'll be right over...
    Lovely runner too

  3. Good morning Lynne! Your Mandala is gorgeous! I have not yet made one, but I shall, soon. Hasn't the weather made you want to be outside all day long? I have been outside from sunup to sundown. My house is suffering for it too!!
    Love the runner. Happy weekend!!
    xo Kris

  4. Your tablerunner turned out very nice! I like the fabric and the colours and the vintage touch of the baskets.
    And I can understand that you had to clean up to get a good picture of the mandala, I would do the same.
    And now you got me wanting to crochet a mandala of my own. Thanks for the link

  5. Oh how pretty! Love the table runner. And your mandala is gorgeous too! I'm still having fun working on the rag rug. I was glued to the TV yesterday too.

  6. You are amazing - your quilts are just stunning hon. And this one is no exception. Lovely, lovely fabrics. I had to laugh that you said you've skipped Spring and gone straight to Summer - because here it would seem we've skipped Autumn and gone straight to Winter - brrrrr. Perfect time to start another blanket to keep me warm while I work I think.

    I keep looking at the beautiful quilt in your header and it really makes me want to have a go at another a quilt. I will keep you posted with my progress!

    Have a fab week - enjoy the good weather!

  7. Beautiful table runner, you always make me want to start another quilt. And ohhhhh, your pool! Happy summer. :)


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!