Thursday, May 23, 2013

Holiday picnic quilt

I finished my red, white and blue log cabin just in time for Memorial Day weekend.  At 53x53 it makes a good little picnic quilt for one or two.  I hauled out my yarn basket and some iced tea and took it for a test drive under the Oak tree.
I hand quilted it with a 12 wt. variegated cotton thread.  Although I say hand quilted, I mean more of a running stitch.  I don't use hoops or thimbles, just one of those little round leather stick on pads for my fingertips to help prevent soreness from the needle.
 I really like the little floral calico print I used for the binding.  This quilt reminds me of summers at the lake, ham sandwiches on rolls, soft ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and soda in a bottle.  Red canoes, white saltwater sandals, and fireworks after dark reflecting on the water.  I am looking forward to summer!
It has been sooo windy here the past week or so.  The grasses are drying out already and as a result the dogs are getting fox tails stuck in their fur.  I had to take little dog to the vet because two of his paws were infected.  They had to sedate him and probe around to pull out the stickers (yuck).  While he was under anesthesia, they checked out his teeth and found he had a broken tooth as well as a loose one. So they pulled those out as well.  The instructions sent home said to keep him quiet.  No running or jumping.  How on earth do you keep a young Boston Terrier quiet?  Turns out there was nothing to worry about.
You can see his sore paws above.
He assumed this position on the sofa in the den and that was it.  I don't know how this is even comfortable, but I guess he didn't care.
I'll have what he's having.

* In case you were wondering (Pam), His mom was a black and white Boston, and his dad was Brindle colored.  Two of the pups in the litter came out brown, the rest black.  I usually get asked if he is a miniature boxer.  We've never had a Boston and were not familiar with the breed, until our friends showed us the pups.  Now I can't imagine not having one. This little guy is a hoot every single day.  Even when he's drugged he's entertaining. Gotta love it.


  1. Aw. Look at your sweet little guy. Poor thing. So glad he is on the mend. I giggled at your comment of having what he is having. :0) Not a care in the world. :0) Your picnic quilt is just adorable! And a basket of yarn always delights!!! :0)

  2. Poor puppy...hope he's running and jumping soon! Your log cabin is awesome. You had me at red canoes :-) xoxo

  3. Lovely, lovely quilt and fab images of summer.... We're still waiting for it to arrive here too!
    What a sweet pup, he looks so happy & content despite his poorly paws. Hope he's up & about again soon.
    Have a happy weekend,

  4. When did you make that quilt? I mean all of a sudden you show a handquilted quilt finished, you are amazing. I like the colours in it they are perfect for the pattern you used.
    Hope the dogs paws will heal fast so he can run around again.

  5. Hope puppy is recovering, the quilt is fab!!!

  6. Oh L@@K!! Your blanket is beautiful! Love those colors. Your sleepy baby is a doll! I have had several Boston Terriers so far in my life, and I just love them. They are a little rambunctious, but such good dogs. Love that brown color. It does make him look like a small boxer. I've had one of those too! I'll probably have one of every kind before I die. I hope so!

  7. Lovely quilts....lovely dog. Our chocolate labrador sleeps with her head below her hips too. Actually her favourite position seems to be with her head hanging off the sofa as if she is about to slide off. Bless. Philippa xx


You guys are awesome! Thank you for the comments!