Monday, May 13, 2013

white blanket 2.0

My white cotton blanket has taken on a new life, and I'm excited once again.  I've changed  the pattern to 5 round grannies, joining as I go.  Here I am adding more squares while waiting  for my car to be serviced at the dealership.  I'm getting used to the stares when I pull my crochet out in public.  People usually leave me alone, but this morning one of the mechanics stopped to ask me what I was "knitting."  I didn't bother to correct him, as I'm sure he was just being friendly and wasn't looking for a verbal dissertation on the differences between knitting and crochet.  I just smiled and said "a blanket."  At the time I was holding a granny square no bigger than a coaster.  He whistled and said I sure must have a lot of patience, because that was a long way from a blanket.  I told him if he didn't hurry up with my car I would be able to finish the blanket in time to use it tonight.  Ha!

Totally random and unrelated to the above, is some fortune cookie advice......
So I did.....
Portuguese beer.  Wow!


  1. I take my crochet/small quilting projects with me everywhere and people always stare and exclaim how they wish they could sew/crochet! I come from a family of women who all sewed,knitted and crocheted. My daughter came home the other day and said that one of her teachers asked for a show of hands how many of the kids in class had family members or themselves sew, knit or crochet... she was shocked that she was the only one who raised her hand!

  2. :-D

    Will be a classic, this white cotton blanket.

    Had to smile at your cookie - yesterday I tried something new...Pole Condition. A fitness class that uses an upright pole and parallel bars with a program called "Convict Conditioning, focusing on upper body strenght...glory, I'm tired today! So that's my new :-)

  3. I like white blankets, and I bet you WILL have it finished in no time, and maybe your fortune cookie meant something else besides the beer which includes two long needles?
    Have fun with the book, can´t wait to see the first things you make.

  4. Very clever! What a great solution. The beer looks delish, too. :)

  5. So was it good?? Love the blanket. I've started making squares too. Don't ask me why. I just suddenly got the urge and went with it! Are you completely starting over, or are you going to incorporate the other piece you've already done somehow?

  6. I've been making a cream coloured blanket for our bed for the past couple of months and I too did not really pay attention to the colour batch codes when buying the wool. I bought 3 balls at a time over a number of weeks to spread the cost out. The colours of the balls looked the same so I wasn't too worried. My MIL looked at the blanket this weekend in the sunlight and very kindly (!) pointed out there were colour changes. I looked back at your photos and noticed that we have effectively made the same blanket as I think you had used sedge stitch too. Great minds and all that. I'm honestly not fussed though as you can only notice the differences in colours when held up against the window. It's so nearly finished there's no way I'm frogging it now!! Loving the granny squares, you just can't beat them. xx

  7. I so want a white cotton blanket, enjoy making it :)
    Karen x


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